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Houston’s Most Talked-About Street Food

Food trucks are the heart and soul of Houston’s emerging street food scene. Below we’ve listed some of Houston’s most hotly sought after street food.

1. SMOOSH Cookies

Big thanks to the lovely Alyna Rojas

Address: 5505 Morningside Dr, Houston, TX 77005
Phone: (832) 582-9864

Their freshly baked cookies, premium ice cream and out of this world toppings will create that one of a kind personal ice cream cookie sandwich.  The best ice cream sammie in Houston.

2. The Toasted

Phone: (832) 969-8435

If your in the mood for non-ice cream sandwiches, the Toasted truck is where you need to go.  Some of the best sandwiches anywhere – basically remastered childhood classics all grown up.

3. Chocolate Wasted Ice Cream

Thanks Jess!

Address: 724 Telephone Rd, Houston, TX 77023
Phone: (281) 935-4099

Houston’s First Urban Ice Cream Bus & now Small Batch Creamery serving up artisan handcrafted ice cream, frozen desserts and handmade popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, floats and shakes, pastries and more.

  • Churro doughnut with banana foster’s icream?!?!?! AH. MAZING.
  • Chocolate wasted ice cream is also incredible

4. Tacos Tierra Caliente

Big thanks to THE $ugaDonKhan

Address: 2003 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77098
Phone: (713) 584-9359

  • Fantastic potato tacos
  • Delicious spicy salsa, excellent tacos (obviously)
  • Very reasonable prices

5. Dasman Food Truck

Phone: (832) 998-5955

  • So. Much. Flavor. (Not for the faint of heart)
  • Insanely good Mediterranean food

6. Mingo’s Latin Kitchen

Big thanks to the beautiful Misti Buard

Phone: (281) 683-8305

  • Delicious veggie fries
  • Excellent sauces, crisp veggies

7. The Waffle Bus

Cheers to the beautiful Perla Castro

Phone: (832) 640-5494

  • Excellent waffle sandwiches and waffle fries
  • Excellent sauces and flavored mayo

8. Ladybird

Phone: (713) 598-3911

  • Great, creative sandwiches & tacos
  • The grilled cheese with greet tomatoes and ricotta cheese is a definite winner

9. Pho-jita Fusion

Cheers to the always stylish The Chanel Boy

Phone: (832) 452-6235

  • Insanely good Thai-Mexican fusion
  • Excellent tamales (thaimales) & tortas

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