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Inspiring Stories from Stafford

Cherry Whittington

I loved antiques from and early age, and it was only natural for me to incorporate them into my home. When my husband and I married we continued collecting. Years later still buying antiques our home, garage and storage became quite full. Read More>>

Jennfer Winters

All started when I was very young watching my step father workout in the garage. I use to pick up the weights when he was not looking every chance I got.. Later in grade school I learned that I liked winning in everything running, biking, jumping you name it I wanted to do it and I wanted to do it well. I found myself practicing for things when I realized I wasn’t to good at it I practice to get better and to be the best at it all.. Read More>>

Tuyen Van

We did have some struggles during the development/construction phase, particularly with costs. The construction cost started out at $1.63 million and ended up $437,000 higher primarily due to higher concrete costs and changes that the city required (e.g., a detention pond and more insulation). Also, I had to redesign the air conditioning system and changed the light fixtures for the courts. Read More>>

Joseph Young

My name is Joseph Young, I am 52 years old and retired from the US Navy in 2003. After retirement while working other jobs in and out of the computer field I was always tinkering (fixing) people’s computers. In 2008 I decided to take a leap of faith and quit my current job as an IT consultant and venture off on my own to start a mobile computer service and repair business. Read More>>

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