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Portraits of Houston

There is so much to do in Houston – from amazing food trucks to hipster cafes, Houston has grown so much over the past few years.

Through our research for the Inspiring Stories series we have come across so many breathtaking photos of the amazing souls that make our city such a great place to live. In depth interviews are at the heart of Voyage but with our Portraits series we want to use the powerful medium of photography to highlight some of our favorite people from various parts of the Greater Houston metroarea.

Below you’ll find some of our favorites from in and around Houston – we encourage you to click into the profiles and check out all of these incredible folks.

Vivienne Atelier | Custom Wedding Dresses

Fashion influencer Dede Raad

Realtor Britt Deans

Singer & Songwriter Fatima Morken


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S. Bell Designs

It’s a great day at S Bell Designs! Hope you have one too!

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Karla of Karla’s Makeup Blog

Makeup Artist Bella G Rodas

The Print Boxx

Airbrush Makeup by Hilda

Reinstar Remodels

Hi everyone!! We’re Layla & Moe 🙋🏻 the husband & wife duo behind #reinstarremodels! We have always had a passion for taking homes & businesses & making your dreams a reality! We love making each project unique & want our clients to feel like they have a say in every design & architectural decision that we do as a team. Our mission is simple- we build, we design, we give you a place to call home. Home is where your family grows & we want to be apart of that journey with you. Follow along for our adventures & updates on all of our current projects! We plan to keep it real & honest on here. There are tons of bumps & bruises along the way but we plan on showing you behind the scenes & all of our adventures along the way. . . . . . . . . . . . . . #designduo #remodelingagency #remodelingyourlifestyle #remodelingcompany #husbandandwifeduo #husbandandwifeteam #hgtv #hgtvlookatus #diynetwork #houstonremodelers #texasremodeler #designers #contractors #contractorsofinsta #contractorsinhouston

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The Pixstop photo booths

Make your event even greater with one of our booths. cc. @sweetishstudio

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Blogger & influencer Elly Brown

Stylist & Model SRUTHI

Do you all ever get really excited about all of the things you want to accomplish, and end up getting nothing done at all? I’ve been at this weird phase in my life where I have so many goals and aspirations and ideas and I stretch myself so thin to where I’m not fully giving my 100% to anything at all. It’s so important to learn to prioritize and manage time effectively. Some days I get so carried away with work that I forget to even eat, or call my mother or check up on my friends or breathe…Some days I lay in bed all day and binge-watch a Netflix show and get absolutely no work done. My point is…it’s important that we learn to have a balance in life. Whether it be your career or loved ones or hobbies, it’s important to not drive yourself crazy trying to accomplish it all at once. Prioritize your goals, give yourself ample time, nourish your body, take care of your mental health. YOU are capable of achieving all of your goals and dreams. Don’t ever doubt that. However, don’t neglect your physical and mental well-being along with it. I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week ✨ Sending all of my love your way ♥️ Jewelry and Silk dupatta: @avyacollections Draping & Hair: @luxsareedraping 📷: @sepiaimages1133 Outfit: @fashiontrendla

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Paul Mcgee Jr

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