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Portraits of Sugar Land

There’s so much more to Sugar Land than big houses and beautiful trails.

Through our research for the Inspiring Stories series we have come across so many breathtaking photos of the amazing souls that make our city such a great place to live. In depth interviews are at the heart of Voyage but with our Portraits series we want to use the powerful medium of photography to highlight some of our favorite people from various parts of the Greater Houston metroarea.

Below you’ll find some of our favorites from in and around Sugar Land– we encourage you to click into the profiles and check out all of these incredible folks.

Rosy Pirani | Rosy Diaries

Credit Leader Tania N. Johnson

Fashion and Beauty Influencer Karishma Dawood

MaryEllen – Real Food Dietitian

Estate Sales with Roland Dressler

Entertaining Sampson at our Estate Sale in Sugar Land today

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Beauty Pro Taylor

Full from installation w/3 bundles 💕 book your appointments ASAP ladies

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GoodTime Entertainment


Fashion influencer Galen

My face currently because we are 5 days from Christmas and I have yet to buy one gift😫

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Entrepreneur and Photographer Carrie Pacini

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