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Makeover Monday’s: local beauty inspo that blew us away

New week, new look. Here’s some inspiration from some of our most gifted local beauty professionals.


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Seriously thrilled that this shoot is featured again on @bridesofhouston! Michelle is a photographer for @thecottoncollective, we’ve worked together before and it was so much fun to glam her up as a model! I was truly blown away by all the details and romance in this shoot. Definitely check it out this September in Brides of Houston Magazine! #blushworthytx #blushworthystyled #beXtaylor #bwXkylee 📷:@davywhitener 📋:@skylar_caitlin for @chanceycharm 💒:@houstonoaks 💐:@venusandcoflowers for @bowsandarrowsflowers 🍽:@swiftevents @houseofhough 💇🏼💄:@blushworthytx👰🏼:@lovelybride @catcantrell 👔:@menguintux 💍:@briangavindiamonds @the_mrs_box 💌:@nibandpixel 🎂:@winkbyerica 🍸:@sphbartending 🚘:@jordanlimousines

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>>> Make your Passion Your Paycheck <<<. _ So many people go to College to make their parents happy. Living their life to make others happy. _ According to @msnbc more than 1 in 5 college grads still aren’t working a degree-demanding job a decade after leaving school. While still burred in school debt. _ So many people believe that you won’t make money doing makeup because most people don’t grasp where you’ll be working. Most people hear makeup and they think your the Mary Kay lady, Avon or “you work at the mall” and etc. _ Have you seen the article in @forbes ? if not, google it. Most people know about Forbes. It’s very prestigious, financial, entrepreneurial, business savvy statistics. In the Article Surprising Careers that could pay six figures my profession was listed. A Makeup artist was at the top of the list! __ Some makeup artist make over a hundred grand a year. Some make far more than that. The average is fifty grand. I’m saying this because most people are totally unaware of the potential you can earn in our industry. _ Life is to short to waste time waiting for other peoples’s approval on HOW YOU LIVE IT. Your happiness matters. Do you! Live your life!

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  1. purejuice

    January 16, 2019 at 8:29 pm

    I love you guys and your work. But the apostrophe in “Makeover Monday’s” is killing me. Plural has no apostrophe. Only possessive and contractions. It’s a peckerwood spelling mistake. Please. Please. Please.

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