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Some art is provocative, some is deep, some art is fun, some is pretty. Some art is all of the above and some is none. In our interviews with artists, one thing we’ve learned is that there is never a single statement or generalization that can be made about “art” or “artists.” We’ve highlighted artwork from some of the artists we’ve had the honor of interviewing – we hope you’ll check out their work, follow the ones you connect with and perhaps support them through purchases and spreading the word about their work.

Janis Fowler

I have made many types of art over the years. I began by drawing in pencils exclusively, mainly drawing animals and people. I have gained more knowledge and tools over the years though, and now my art is a mixture of painting, resin work, and sculpture. I love painting women, and most of my art is quite “feminine”- containing bright colors and depictions of ladies in serene repose. I still often incorporate birds, animals, and landscapes into collage-like paintings, perhaps in a celebration of the natural world that I grew up in and constructed in my young mind. Read More >>

Marla Yadira Garcia

I create illustrations that are very colorful and unreal. I’ve never considered myself an illustrator because I am a graphic designer, but I’ve always loved to draw. After becoming a graphic designer, I forgot about picking up a pencil and creating things that made me happy. The only time I got to draw was when I made invitations for my kids, and everybody complimented me on them. One year ago, I just felt the need to start drawing again and it felt amazing. My hands just started swirling across the paper and have been able to draw more than before. I draw my illustrations by hand first and then I digitize them. Read More >>

Tra` Slaughter

I make all types of art – painting, drawing, assemblage, murals, commercial and any other way to make a mark or a statement. I make art in many different ways because I just can’t pigeon-hole myself to one thing. And, there are many different ideas coming through me that have to be expressed in certain ways using certain materials. I like for my art to be inclusive. Meaning that anyone can connect with it in some way. Be that the message, the visual or just the energy. I look for art that I can see the artist in, and I try to make art in the same manner. Read More >>

Elizabeth Umanzor

My favorite type of art to make are portraits using mixed media such as collaging different types of paper on the canvas and using various mediums such as acrylics and watercolors before beginning the oil painting portrait on top. I thoroughly enjoy the process of making the background, it’s quite freeing compared to how challenging it is when I paint the portraits/subjects on top. At the moment I have a series of women wearing hijabs, I want to create a series of all types of different people. I feel that representation is extremely important and my mission is to paint as many different types of people as possible of all different religions, ethnicities, etc. Read More >>

Leah Hereford

I usually paint portraits of peoples animals, or portraits of them or family members to hang on their walls. What sets me apart is probably my pricing, I’m generally lower than most artist, just to give everyone what they want. Another thing that sets me apart is my wood cut outs. When people request a painting of their dogs, or a celebrity etc, instead of just painting it on the normal square shaped canvas, I cut it out with my wood tools to give it a more distinct 3d look. If I’m not painting on walls I’m painting on wood and wood cutouts. Read More >>

LaTonia Allen

I love to paint colorful, vibrant and mainly figurative pieces. I paint figures, because I think creating African-Americans in beautiful hues and stances gives a sense of empowerment and pride. Representation is always on my mind. At this time, I’m exploring new ways of showing that while also making my work more personal. I’m in a search to find my voice amongst the various conversations of art. I have many topics in mind that range from self-love/self-acceptance – to – conversations of mental health – to – spurts of healthy rebellion. The question is just how and what message(s) do I want to talk about. Read More >>

Laura Lee Romaine

I am always striving to improve my technical skills, while simultaneously expressing a particular narrative. I study and paint from life so I can bring the imaginary world in my head to fruition. My work tends to be very much like meeting me in person. Its a bit like watching a hedonist in existential crisis. Its whimsy with a touch of subversion. I use a lot of anthropomorphism and symbolism to tell a story. Read More >>

Kelsey Kilcrease

As I painted, I felt nostalgia for the late-night tacos shared with my cousins and friends- I felt like I was home. After I finished that painting I decided to paint another tribute to a local bakery in El Paso. And then another…and another. When I realized I was making work for myself and took other people out of the equation, I found my passion again. Since then I’ve embraced my illustrative style and have been making work that pays homage to my hometown and Hispanic roots. Read More >>

Sebastien Boileau/Mr.D1987

I work mostly on walls and a variety of medium (ink, Aerosol, heavy soft body paint. I am sponsored artist and brand ambassador for Liquitex artist paint. So I get to play and experiment a lot.

My personal work is very diverse, from abstract to portraits to social and political statements at any scale indoor and outdoor. I apply a simple rule to my artistic approach / NO RULES… I basically do what I want and hope that inspires others to do the same. I started my journey as a black sheep bending and breaking many rules and it got me this far, so why stop now!? Read More >>

Ryan Runcie

I paint philosophical expression through a blended style of portraiture and abstraction. By merging styles, I have found a new aesthetic which expresses my inner thoughts and feelings. My portraits use vivacious color and light to create a new essence no one has experienced. By doing this, I side step the mind’s need to categorize and understand in accordance with race, ethnicity, and stereotypes. In that moment of perspective change, we can experience acceptance and love better than we could have before, hopefully, paying it forward. Joy is as much part of being human as uncertainty. I want ideas such as this to be the underlying truths in my art. Read More >>

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