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What’s the Best Advice You’ve Ever Received?

All of us are where we are today partly because of our own efforts and partly because of the advice, guidance, influence and inspiration provided by others.  At Voyage we have the good fortune of connecting with so many of the city’s hidden gems – from entrepreneurs and creatives to athletes, researchers and more.  We asked them a simple, but important question: what is the best advice, personal or professional, that you’ve ever received?

Sadaf Ali – Certified Event Planner & Baker

The best advice that I have ever received is to never undervalue my worth or my work. Even though I have years of experience in this field, there was always someone out there asking for a discount or telling me I charged too much for my services. I knew that if I wanted my business to thrive, I had to be confident in myself and what I brought to the table. By offering the highest quality of service, I was able to create an amazing client experience. In return, I gained my client’s trust for years to come and at the same time I would stay true to myself. This piece of advice has changed the outlook of my business and has helped me grow in so many ways. Believe in yourself and success will always follow you!


Super Manny – Creative Director at Disrupt Studios

Best advice would be to just create with what you have. Don’t worry about expensive gear, just learn and practice as much as possible.

Jeramy Roberts – Male Model – Poet – Engineer

A. Creative Director: Buck Sanchez B. Creative Director: Whitney Ray C. Photographer: Ronald Thomas

Answer to “Question of the Month”:
(A) In life, you have control over your actions, but not the consequences. – Applies to both professional and personal
(B) Never burn bridges with anybody, even if it’s colleagues you don’t like. – Professional
(C) Last two weeks at a company, after putting in your letter of resignation, go above and beyond the bar, give it your all. – Professional
(D) Don’t fit Jesus into your schedule, build your schedule around Him.


Desmond Fletcher – Model and Actor

The best advice i received, was from my father. He once told me that I can not perform at my greatest when I’m to blinded by anger or Frustration. Take a second reanalyze the situation and then go at it with your all.


Shirley Thomas, Texas Cottage Baker, specializing in decorated cookies and sweets

The best personal & professional advice is to: always keep pursuing your passions and goals. If you keep at it, one day at a time, you will see results. Try to expand your horizons and push past your comfort zone. Take a chance and explore your creativity and interests…every individual has it within themselves.

I began baking from a young age for family and friends and it was a hobby that now turned into a small business. I worked as an Oncology RN for many years and then decided to do baking full time.


Ali Gabriel Muhammad (mufasa_ali93) – male model, bartender and soon to be graduate from Texas Southern University with bachelor’s in Finance

Eric James

If I was to offer a word of advice to anyone it would don’t drink and drive, and never put the word I can’t in your vocabulary because a quitter never wins. The hardest worker in the room is the true champion.


Lecretria Kirksey Owner of Oooh Thats Cute Creating One Reaction Takeover at a time

Never give up , know you goal and achieve it.



Janarius Harris

Best advice : Learn From Anyone Who’s Is Welling To Teach You….

Quentin “Barber Q” Guillory – Texas Pro Barber & Master Barber Educator

Best advice, was from my grandfather the late Willie Ferguson, Don’t do what you see others doing. Create your own way and do it! Be the best you.

Sharday Michale – Mother – Businesswoman

There’s nothing more powerful than a changed mind -T.D. Jakes
The ability to change your mind allows you to connect to something deeper…something powerful inside of you. That power has the ability to change your direction and allow growth.


Carter Cutz -Barber/ Entrepreneur

Have patience. Do your best with and for people, don’t burn bridges. Seeds you sow can grow, negatively and positively. Choose which ones to throw.


Chase Babcock – Class A Barber

A nice cut is nothing without professionalism and consistency, trust the process and always stay humble because in this profession there is always room to grow!!!!


Nino Blendz -Barber & shop owner

Jj & Isaac

The best advice I’ve received by far would have to be “if you fail to plan, your plan is to fail”

Anais Montes- Barber

The best advise I was given to, “ What got me to where I am, will not get me to where I need to go.” @koncepts_of_barbering, he was my barber instructor at Franklin Barber Institute he has never led me the wrong away.


Jay Riley – Licensed Barber

Question of the month answer- The best advice that I’ve received, is to never let anyone discourage you from achieving your goals.

SaraGrace Lee & Demi Wilson – Sourced HTX

GO FOR IT! We had been sitting on the idea for this company for ages. It was the perfect way to tie together SaraGrace’s love of baking and Demi’s knack for curating goods. Family and friends kept telling us to stop hesitating and go for it. So we did! Starting a new business is full of challenges but we’re learning everything as we go and have a great support network helping us along the way. We’re so excited for what’s next!

Mike Castillo, Barber at Vinny’s Barbershop

Chose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


Kedelicia Jenny Miranda – Owner and Creative Confections

I have always been passionate about baking cakes and making my hometown favorite desserts. When I moved from Puerto Rico to Houston back in 2014, I had a longing for our traditional cakes and pastries. I started baking small cakes for my friends and family birthday parties or special gatherings. I noticed how people enjoyed it! Since then, I launched Kedelicia to share our delicious flavors and to showcase my inspirations through beautiful cake’s creations.

Taylor Simone – Master Stylist – Owner of Suite16extensions

Charge what you’re worth and don’t feel bad.


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