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VoyageHouston’s Bounce Back Strong Campaign

Given the unprecedented economic impact of the Covid-19 health crisis, we think it’s more important than ever to encourage our communities to support small businesses, mom-and-pops, independent artists, creatives and makers and help them bounce back strong.

Often people want to buy from and support local entrepreneurs and makers but don’t know how.  They might want to get in shape but don’t know how to learn about non-chain gym fitness options.  They might want family portraits but don’t know how to find the right photographer.  The Bounce Back Strong Campaign is about highlighting local businesses, creatives and makers, because learning about the local options is the first step someone can take towards supporting them.

Shelbie Morgan | Vegan Bakery

Image Credits: Shelbie Morgan

Hey there! I’m Shelbie Morgan AKA Grub It Up. I came up with the name Grub It Up 8 years ago and created an Instagram account. As a college student who was navigating her early twenties, I had other things to focus on at the time. In fall 2018 I was ready and full of ideas to apply to Grub It Up and that is when I started to hyper-focus on my blog. Grub It Up now has an Instagram, Facebook page, YouTube channel for healthy recipes and reviews, a blog website, and most recently a full-fledged home-based vegan bakery Grub It Up LLC. My bakery has an online market, The Grub Shop where people can order delicious vegan baked goods for delivery or pickup. You can order vegan cinnamon powdered sugar donuts, vegan chocolate chip cookies, vegan banana bread, and vegan walnut chocolate chip brownies just to name a few. A little bit about me, I’ve been a foodie forever. I think food is the best way to bring people together and form a community. When I cook I do it with love and passion, and you can always taste those qualities with well-prepared dishes. For me, a lot of my love for food stems from trying new dishes in my own kitchen and going out exploring. I have an autoimmune disorder and living my best healthy life while still enjoying good food has been a huge motivation for me. It is honestly one of the reasons I started the food blog and then a vegan baking business. I want people to know where to go for great food that is good for you and how to cook it. Amid the pandemic, I got the idea to hyper-focus on my blog and expand the business model and provide healthy baked goods to people within the surrounding Houston area. I want people to not be limited by their health conditions, demographics, or background when it comes to enjoying healthy, tasty, and good food. To say the least Grub It Up LLC is a multi-faceted platform with more to come in the near future. Stay Tuned!

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VIP Matchmaking Events | Professional Houston Matchmakers & Matchmaking Events

We are the ONLY event-based matchmaking company operating in Houston. Prior to the Pandemic, we had a number of events open to the public but we also had our patented VIP events where clients would meet potential matches in person in a shorter period of time – saving time and money. As things slowly open up, we’re hoping to bring back these events. The events allow singles to feel at ease and relaxed – as opposed to feeling like they are on a job-interview on a traditional first date. There are so many expectations on first dates. Events allow for the guard to be down and the true self to shine through. We have a combined 18 years experience in the singles events industry here in Houston and we are so excited to welcome to clients who may have experienced loneliness during the lockdown. We offer different packages geared specifically to each client. We would love to tell you more about it hopefully bounce back to normal sooner than later! We all need the human in-person connection and VIP Matchmaking events can facilitate this.

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Autumn Kirk-Phillips | Fitness Instructor & Coach

Image Credits: Morris Malakoff

Hi, I’m Autumn, owner of AKP Fitness. AKP Fitness is a company that really focuses on attaining the client’s fitness goals. By listening to my client’s needs both mentally and physically, it enables us to create an attainable plan that will allow them to succeed and allows me to provide the support/training/classes to help them achieve it. Zumba and Boot camp classes are offered weekly (virtually) via

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Tiana Watson | Founder + CEO of Tending 2 U | Mobile bartender & waitstaff company

Image Credits: Shot & Edited by Eminent Photography HTX

Tending 2 U is a mobile bartender & waitstaff company. Whether it’s a social or business event, let Tending 2 U assist you with professional and exceptional service! We are dedicated to helping make your event a success. Our staff is capable of setting up and serving buffet tables, catering to your guests with traditional seated service, handing out delectable appetizers for cocktail hour, or bartending refreshing beverages & cocktails. Tending 2 U is dedicated to making every experience one to remember. We pride ourselves on our experience, professionalism, and providing overall satisfaction. We emphasize being organized and giving attention to detail. We focus on excellence in all that we do for our clients. It feels great knowing that we can play a part in making you the client events memorable. In the end, with Tending 2 U, we’re creating something beautiful, not just for our clients but also for our city and ourselves.
My name is Tiana Watson and I am the Founder + CEO of Tending 2 U. With over 12 years of experience in the hospitality industry, I have worked at some of Houston’s highest volume venues. Starting my career as a server, I gained experience as a bartender and eventually transitioned into a role as an event coordinator. It was in these roles that I was able to learn as well as identify untapped areas of opportunity within the industry.

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Ericka Davis | Ordained Wedding Officiant

Hello hello! My name is Minister Erica Davis and I am an ordained minister. I started in November 2016 and has conducted almost 200 wedding to date. I would love to help out some couples who may have been affected during this crazy pandemic. If you would like to have a quick ceremony or maybe a commitment ceremony to honor your day give me a call or visit my website. For these readers only I am taking 50% off of all services over $150!

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Virginia Manning | Mental Wellness Advocate/ Prosper Under Pressure Membership Community

Hi! It’s Virginia Manning! As a mental wellness advocate with close to 10 years experience, my role to society is essential in highlighting the comfort and importance of focusing on mental health. In my private practice and professional women community, I use conversations and strategies that relate to real life situations. Focusing on real life issues produces more successful mindsets of change. If you want to a part of a culture that makes you feel like your emotions and feelings matter and are key to your success, connect to GinMan Consulting or The PUP Community . Wishing You the Best!

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Dora Ramos | Owner & Operator of VR-based Escape Room

Image Credits: Dora Ramos

Hi Houston, I would like to introduce you to the wonderful world of virtual reality with a twist. Exitus VR is the only virtual reality escape room in Houston. Yes, you read that correct… you can escape the room and immerse yourselves. My name is Dora and I am the owner and operator of Exitus VR. I am a retired Deputy U.S. Marshal who served here in Houston for 27 years. Now, all I want to do is have fun and share new experiences with fellow Houstonians.

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Shehzad Hoosein | Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – The Magic Joint, INC

Hello, My name is Shehzad Hoosein & I am the CEO for The Magic Joint, INC. The Magic Joint is an All-Natural Therapeutic Grade Pain Oil from made of 100% RAW herbal extracts to outperform any Joint or Muscle pain cream including top brands such as Biofreeze, Australian Dream, Blue-Emu, JointFlex, etc. IT INSTANTLY RELIEVES ANY LEVEL OF PAIN associated with Arthritis, Joints, or Muscles while assuring no burn or odor unlike most of its competitors. I believe love & care have always been great partners. Caring for others is a great way to physically & mentally assist ourselves in everyday life. Like a pyramid, one person connects to another & knowing that The Magic Joint is continuously helping people smile by naturally relieving their joint / muscle pains, adds a level confidence to boost the team’s motivation! When someone excited approaches you with a smile & says, “I can’t believe I’m walking without pain after so many years” or “my arthritis pain is gone thanks to you,” there is no better feeling than that.
* Disclaimer: as always, we encourage you to consult your medical provider prior to starting to use new products, therapies, etc 

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Rachel Tate-Study | Licensed Cosmetologist, Makeup Artist , Micropigmentation specialist (permanent makeup) Scalp Micropigmentation Artist

Hi there, I am a licensed cosmetologist /makeup artist. I have 30 years of experience in the spa industry with a very diverse service menu. Fabulous Faces By Rachel offers micropigmentation (permanent makeup) using top of the line equipment and pigments. I can make your brows beautiful ,enhance your eyes, make your lips fuller younger looking.
Thinning hair? No problem, I can help with that too. Scar camouflage and areola micropigmentation for breast cancer survivors. Not ready to make a permanent decision? I also offer makeup applications, bridal makeup, makeup lessons, brow waxing, lash dying, lash perming.
My work has been seen on the international level and local level. Bridal star magazine, Self magazine, Emmys, Oscars, Entertainment tonight to name just a few. I love to make women feel their absolute best and totally at ease when making a big decision to do something permanent. fabulous faces is a very cute artsy place with a welcoming feel, nestled on main street in Historic old Town Humble

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Annie Eifler | Music Booking Agency

Image Credits: Chris Bailey Photography

With almost 40 years’ experience in booking national and local talent, Gulf Coast Entertainment understands people want reliable and quality live music, with every aspect of the event taken into consideration. Founded by Susan Criner in the 1970s and now managed by her daughter, Annie Eifler, Gulf Coast Entertainment has become the premiere booking agency in Houston, Tx. We give the greatest attention to detail in finding the perfect music for your wedding, gala, or special private event. GCE not only provides information quickly, but we also coordinate the technical and contractual aspects for a successful and seamless event. From national headliners to local bands and from DJs to event production, we do it all! When you engage Gulf Coast Entertainment to represent your interest in hiring live music or entertainment, you can be assured that you have gotten the most reliable and professional service in Houston, and the deepest level of experience in the industry.

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Myosha Porterie | CEO & Web Designer

Image Credits: @mr_hottopik

My name is Myosha Porterie and I am the Owner of Porterie Web Design. Porterie Web Design is a Web Design firm that offers web design services, branding, marketing and more to those who are looking to grow their business or start from scratch. Our mission is simple: make web design an asset for your business not a problem and for a good price. We strive to make web design integrate seamlessly with your business so your business can grow and gain a larger online presence. What makes Porterie Web Design awesome is the fact that we offer FREE BRANDING CONSULTATIONS! This is our opportunity to get to know you and your brand so we can deliver the best results possible! Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @porteriewebdesign and visit our website at

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Dawn Aisha | Freelance Makeup Artist/Youtuber/Beauty Blogger

Hi- My name is Dawn, I go by Dawn Aisha. I’ve been the Makeup Industry for 17 years. I provide mobile freelance makeup services for any and all occasions . I love making people feel beautiful, inside and out . I can provide a wide range of natural makeup to soft glam to a full on beat. To view pictures of my work, feel free to check out my website at . You can also follow me on IG : I also have a YouTube channel, where I give makeup tips, tricks, products and tutorials . Feel free to check it out, subscribe and share :

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Jasi Green | Blogger, Mental Health Crusader & Lash connoisseur

Image Credits: All photography courtesy of Washington & Associates

Hi, I’m Jasi! I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. My roots start in Louisiana but I’m a Texas Bama through and through. I am known for my unapologetic Christian views and BIG personality. I’m a true Southern girl who enjoys radiating love to people and who luh’s GOD! It intimidates many people but I’m actually a teddy bear. But honestly, what people think of me is really none of my business. I became a young mother at the age of 17. Now at 31, I am a transparent mother to three AMAZING children. God is so good!​Since I was a young girl, I have always enjoyed writing and connecting with others. When I write, it comes from a genuine place, a sense I hope my readers can feel. As I grew older, my passion for maintaining a healthy emotional lifestyle allowed me to meet and share with people from various backgrounds. From being a working mom to blogger, it’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I have realized that some of our toughest battles in life are with self. In the midst of my own darkest hours, the amount of pain I had bottled up as a result of unhealthy relationships combined with my love for writing became “Fall in Love with Yourself First”. My mission is to support and encourage women without judgment; and to have their backs through the times when they can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ll tell you a secret: Women are powerful beyond measure and there is nothing we cannot overcome. Our grandmother’s prayers are still protecting us.

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Sheridan Labbè | Marketing Consultant, Lingerie Boutique Owner & Event Planner

Image Credits: @fotoherco

Sheridan Labbè, Owner, Visionary and Creative Director of House of Untamed, Sheridan has planned events and experiences for large companies and organizations for 9+ years. From planning dinner parties, workshops, conferences and themed events, her experience reaches far and wide.​ A former marketing professional, Sheridan has always found herself being in charge of creating the ultimate event experience which largely relies on finding the right spaces and decor. After several years assisting small businesses with their branding, Sheridan has returned to her true love, creating one of a kind event experiences.​ A graduate of Sam Houston State University, Sheridan received her B.B.A in Marketing with a minor in Business Communications. She also received her Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in leadership from the University of Houston-Downtown.​When Sheridan isn’t planning an event and browsing the isles for decor, you can find her planning her next vacation, reading, decorating a new charcuterie board or watching a quirky documentary. Any business owner looking for marketing and event planning assistance visit

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Ine Arevalo | Business Owner

I am Inez Arevalo, owner of A Cleaning to Remember which provides residential cleanings. We provide deep cleanings which include inside oven, baseboards, fans and blinds for example – a top to bottom cleaning. The teams of 2 cleaning technicians are wearing masks and using EPA recommended products. It’s important especially during this pandemic to keep your home disinfected. We are insured, bonded and available Monday-Saturday. 281 624-8586

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Mathew Paul | Financial Coach & Speaker

My name is Mathew Paul and I am the Managing Partner of Mayanah Financial Coaching. With record number of unemployment and current pandemic situation, many Americans are struggling to meet their ends. We provide education, empowerment and encouragement for them to create a cashflow plan and help them pay off their debt. We do not sell any financial products. We are educators and coaches. If you are living paycheck to paycheck or your debt is destroying your financial and marital peace, you need to contact us at (281)435-1888. We have helped hundreds of families attain financial freedom and have paid off close to $1 Million in 2019 and on target to exceed that number for 2020. A financial coach will help you streamline your finances without judging your past mistakes. Our first consultation is absolutely free and you can schedule your NO Charge consultation at

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