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INS Stafford 03.31.2020

Jalil Whitmore

I remember watching Disney’s Fantasia and feeling a sense of enchantment as I watched these vivid colors and twirling shapes dance across the screen in harmony with the music. I was about five years old, and my mother says that my eyes were glued to the screen and I would always ask to watch that particular VHS. Reflecting back on that time, this is the first moment that I realized the impact of the audio/visual experience. Read more>>

Ngansop Djanpou

Nina started braiding as a professional in 2014. She worked for three different salons, then started braiding on her own from her living room. Then moved her business to a four bedroom where one room was her braiding shop for ten months. It was time to rent a space just for her business, so After about ten months, she rented a space in an office building at 2626 sloop w Houston TX. Read more>>

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