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Inspiring Stories from Katy

The heart of our mission at VoyageHouston is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Houston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out rising stars from Katy and surrounding areas below.

Rob Zambrano

It all started when I was in high school. I took some drama classes, and everyone said that I had a good voice for radio. So once I got out of the Marines and moved to Houston, I decided to give it a try. One thing led to another, and I ended up meeting enough people that I was able to find parts here and there. I’ve done just about everything, except voice work in film. Nothing worth achieving is ever going to be easy. I did come into this business with some prior training that I received in the Marines. I taught hand to hand combat for a number of years, so I was able to pick up as well as create fight scenes in the film. Read more>>

Amber Hamilton

I started baking as a child. My mom would always ask me to bake for the holidays. I continued to bake for friends over the years when one of them suggested I start my own business. So I took their advice, and Sweet Tooth Snack Shop was created.  I would have to say that it’s been a pretty smooth road. Haven’t faced any obstacles yet. I have an amazing team that makes sure things run smoothly. We are an online bakery that was created in April of 2015. We specialize in handcrafted desserts. Read more>>

Lisa-Marie Blenman

At age 16 years old, I began working my first job in a retail store. After several years of that, I began to develop a love for fashion. I continued to work in the retail and fashion industry throughout high school and college. At age 20 I was promoted and accepted my first management position at a high-end boutique in Friendswood, Texas. There I worked very closely with ladies and to many become their personal shopper. Putting outfits together for their everyday events or even special events was one of the high lights of my job. Read more>>

Andres Montalvo

My life started in Monterrey, Mexico. My family and I lived there for about nine years before leaving everything behind to come to Houston in 2004. I can honestly say I dedicate everything I have and have done to my parents. I have seen them work endlessly so my sister and I could have everything we need to make something of ourselves, and I cannot thank them enough. In Katy, Texas I attended Elementary school, Junior, and High school. Read more>>

Spencer McGuire

At the beginning of 2018, I attended a Destiny and Leadership Conference, hosted by my spiritual leader, Keion Henderson from the Lighthouse Church. It was at this conference, I committed myself to explore what I was passionate about. The focus was to bring successful global business leaders and entrepreneurs together, to share their journey and give meaningful insight to aspiring entrepreneurs. Ivy McGregor, Vivica Fox, Marcus Davis, Johnny Wimbrey, to name a few, shared their journey and it really inspired me. I believe it’s important to surround yourself around people who are able to outthink you. Read more>>

Avery Franch

Being a native of Colorado, I spent most of my life growing up in Colorado. After finishing high school, I was determined to become an elementary school teacher. I attended Adams State University and in 1987 graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education. My first teaching job took me to a small West Texas town called Pecos; I taught for nine years. I decided that I missed the big city life and wanted to return to a metropolitan area. Read more>>

Phillip Dunn

2TheTable started in November 2015 in a small social media focus group called the Black Business Focus Group. The mission then was to connect as many consumers to Black-Owned Businesses. The membership totaled a little over 30 folks all seeking to find value within the Black Community. Since then we have grown to a community of over 12,000 consumers, and Black Owned Businesses all poised to practice group economics in an effort to transform our community. Read more>>

Nack Lima

My love for music started at the early age of 10. Although I was not fortunate to play at such a young age, I was always determined to listen to different styles of music on the radio. My career as a DJ actually began in 2011 at a friend’s house in Brooklyn. At first, I thought being a DJ was a piece of cake with just a touch of a button but later realized that being a DJ is more than just pushing buttons, as most people would think looking from the outside… With passion running through my veins and an eagerness to learn the art-form of DJing, I enrolled in the DJ Certification Program at the world-renowned Scratch DJ Academy in New York City. Read more>>

Chelsea Erickson

Growing up, I struggled with Dyslexia and other learning disabilities. I have this one specific memory of sitting in my math class sophomore year of high school… My eyes are welling up with tears because once again the words on the board just didn’t make sense. Once again, I was unable to connect the dots on what my teacher was trying to explain. I remember feeling overwhelmed. But more than that, however, I remember feeling a lot of self-doubts. I remember That self-doubt consuming me constantly. Read more>>

Tassie Kalas Haney

I spent most of my life a closet writer, hiding my thoughts and feelings in notebooks I kept private from the world. In elementary school, my mother bought me my first diary, complete with a lock and tiny gold key. Keep Out! Reading this may be dangerous to your health and mine, too, I scrawled on the first page. In high school, I graduated to writing in journals when a friend gave me a blank Nothing Book, my first of seven. When I was a senior, my love for writing led me to take my first journalism class, and I started writing feature articles for the Three Penny Press, the Bellaire High School newspaper. Read more>>

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