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Inspiring Stories from Outside the 610

The heart of our mission at VoyageHouston is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Houston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out rising stars from outside the 610 below.

Carl Walker Jr.

I started out working in the IT field as a young adult. Even as a child I was very inquisitive or a techie, for lack of a better word. For some reason, I found serenity in solving problems and fixing things. With that being said, I believe that I have always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit, an innate desire to create something, to serve or give back. Read more>>

Diana Lombard

Growing up my dream was to be on Broadway. After 7 years of traveling across the country, and internationally, as a professional singer and actor, my dream changed. I craved a career where I had more control over my own growth and destiny. I also knew I wanted someday to have a family. Read more>>

Billy & Kantessa Castillo

For as long as I have known Billy he has been serving others. We met in college (at A&M), and even then Billy cooked. He would cook a complete meal and then invite his friends over to share. As friends we gathered around the table commiserating over school assignments, laughing about the day’s occurrences and dreaming about our tomorrows. Read more>>

Ginger Sprouse

I am a passionate follower of Jesus, a wife, mother of two amazing teenagers, and I have 3 fur babies, Henry, Max, and Gracie the house bunny. And these are also my priorities, in that order. Jesus first, because without Him AOTM would not be here today. Read more>>

CoCo Ramos

I began coaching SoccerTots classes shortly after the Houston Franchise was opened. This soon progressed to becoming the Franchise Manager. When the opportunity to purchase the business presented itself, I immediately knew this was the next step in my journey with such a unique and amazing company. Read more>>

Kathleen Sims

My sister always tells me I get my talent for baking and decorating from my mom. She passed away when I was four, and I have very few memories of her. One memory that I do have, though, is of her taking me the grocery store and letting me pick out what decorations I wanted on my cake. Read more>>

Erin McGowan

Growing up I was a multi-sport athlete who was relatively aggressive on the field and due to also being spirited in the classroom and at home, was often told I should be a lawyer. After graduation from the University of Richmond, I worked in a law firm where I was able to see the intricacies of a legal career. Read more>>

Kenny Baldwin

Kenny Baldwin graduated from Rice University in 1980 with Bachelor’s degrees in Mathematical Sciences and Managerial Studies. Kenny lettered his freshman, sophomore and junior years at Rice in baseball, after which he was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in the 1979 draft. Read more>>

John and Dustin Hardin

John: I started airbrush painting on T-shirts and motorcycles back in the late 70’s, mainly as a hobby while working full time at a plant in Pasadena. After a couple of years, I turned my attention to working and raising a family and was out of painting for over 20 years. Read more>>

Susan Hunter

I began my transportation career driving a school bus for Pearland ISD. I gained my commercial license with them. Within 6 months, I moved to a limousine company in Houston that was recommended by a friend and was hired immediately. Read more>>

Arlene Peck

I am an RN. In the 1980’s, I was the Nursing Director for the Baylor College of Medicine’s SIDS Program at Texas Children’s Hospital, and I taught CPR to the parents of new babies whose siblings died of SIDs. I found it very rewarding. I maintained my Instructor’s license as I worked at various hospitals throughout Houston. Read more>>

James Schwab II, Rigoberto Rosales, and Connor Thompson

The three of us bought Rockin R Ranch from its previous owner in 2015. We renamed it, Grizzly Pines. We decided we wanted to reopen this campground as an all-male gay campground with an idea of providing a safe place in the woods where men who identify as gay or gay-friendly can come and have a safe place to meet and be themselves. Read more>>

Crystal Laman

I was in college to become an attorney when I began working for a local insurance agent. I’m bilingual, and I was able to use that skill set to help so many people. I quickly learned that insurance was an area that many people did not understand, even though they were required to have insurance in many different areas. Read more>>

Jacki James

Peyton was a wonderful young man with a quirky sense of humor, a love of animals and passion for video games and Dr. Who. He was friendly and funny and always there for his friends and family. Despite his fun-loving nature, Peyton endured bullying in school for most of his short life. Read more>>

Thaddeus Allen

We are physical beings. I have always found it easier to express myself in a more physical way. I feel it allowed a certain honesty while competing in sports in school. As a young man, I looked for ways to use that quality to help others. Read more>>

Taylor Jacobsen

In early 2015, Taylor Jacobsen and Clint Conroy combined talents, educational backgrounds, and work experience to co-found United Aerial, an aerial data collection and management company that helps clients representing fields as diverse as agriculture, construction, design, inspection, search and rescue, and photography gain powerful aerial intelligence through UAV integration, operations, and direct support. Read more>>

Charles Drobny

GlobaLogix began with six oil and gas veterans in 2004 to provide instrumentation and control systems to midstream operators. The company gained its first project in 2005 to design and direct the installation of a SCADA system for Queensland Gas in Australia. Read more>>

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