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Inspiring Stories from Outside the 610

The heart of our mission at VoyageHouston is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Houston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out rising stars from outside the 610 below.

Hope Pedraza

I fell in love with dance at the age of three and never stopped moving. Born and raised a Southern girl in Louisiana, I have had a passion for rhythm and movement since I could walk, and I danced my way through high school and college when I discovering Pilates. I started teaching Pilates and group fitness classes in college at the campus rec center and to the Louisiana Tech athletes like the football team, girls and boys basketball team and volleyball team. I continued teaching as a side hustle as I graduated with my Master’s Degree and began working full time s a teacher and dance coach. Read more>>

Charles Baldwin

Believe or not, I never set out to become a photographer. What started my journey into it was the birth of my daughter. I knew I wanted to capture her memories as she grew, and as most know, cell phones don’t always create the best of quality when it comes to photos. Read more>>

Crystal Joyel Batiste

The organization has 25 active members that meet on a monthly basis discussing various topics that youth face daily. The organization is evolving beyond what I could ever imagine because of faith and obedience to God. Living In Truth Coaching was birthed from this organization to empower women to embrace their truth and embrace all God has for them. Read more>>

Roger Paul Mason

After moving to Austin in my 30s, I eventually had to choose between touring in a band and painting scenery for the ZACH theatre full time. The return to visual art has turned out to be a wonderful decision and though I’m super busy I still find time for commissions and the occasional music project. Read more>>

Penny Cordova

The learning is never-ending. There will always be some new technique to explore or some ancient technique to master, but it is a great creative journey. In the past, I have taught metalsmithing classes at a local Houston make space and I loved being able to share my knowledge to inspire others to create. Read more>>

Erin-Audrey Allen

Zumba has been an excellent stress reliever for me. Since joining Youfit, I have doubled my class size. Some people have even said they only keep their membership so that can come to my class. I absolutely love it. Becoming a lawyer is my number one goal, but so far, being an instructor is one of my biggest achievements. Read more>>

Natalie Barry

I started my beauty career in retail working at the makeup counters. Shortly after that, I started working as a freelance brand ambassador for several cosmetic and beauty brands in retail stores while attending The University of Houston. Read more>>

Debra Jambor

I never thought I would be in the fashion store online business as a goal in life. I had a full-time job. a good one, but fear of losing it directed me to study at night and become a Nurse Assistant (because I never had a college degree). I worked part-time as an in-home nurse assistant for two years at the same time as my full-time job. Read more>>

Indrea Gordon

Started this journey in 1993 in San Francisco, Ca at FIDM. Moved to Lake Charles, La in 2004 and relaunched. The business shifted from a focus on just selling garments to really improving the lives of others through the garments. We now focus on dressing women for success, empowerment and uplifting all through the art of fashion. Read more>>

Terence Micheal

I worked for Sephora for three years where my confidence in doing makeup grew and I learned so much about technique, proper skincare prep, and how to run a business. I worked at Sephora for three years before I decided to step away and focus solely on my freelance business. Here it is, 2019 and I have achieved and grown so much as an artist and entrepreneur. Read more>>

Brittany Kelly

I’ve always had a passion for fashion and creating but I put it to the side to pursue teaching… I obtained my Associates in Arts Degree and then some but teaching wasn’t my niche it was a “safe” decision for me. I decided that I would put myself out there and pursue my dreams. Read more>>

Brandon Resendez

I’m a singer-songwriter, rapper, producer, engineer, graphics designer, marketer, I’m literally a one-man army when it comes to bring Gucci Boy to life. But I literally make music, beats, and art like no other, I can’t name any artist in the ENTIRE world that sounds like me or comes close to sounding like me. Read more>>

Linda Tran

My business journey started when I was engaged and planning my own wedding last year. I was looking for custom decorations online and I wanted these beautiful wedding signs from Etsy but unfortunately, I couldn’t afford them. A good friend of mine suggested that I make them myself, but I was very hesitant and had no idea how to accomplish it. Read more>>

Kati Johnson

I became a photographer because I love the art and capturing beautiful moments for people to enjoy. There is nothing like looking back on an image and reliving the moment. The passion I have for photography is very beautiful. I take pride in each image. I started school for nursing and it didn’t suit me. Read more>>

Alejandra Reyes

My love for photography has always been a part of who I am. From using disposable cameras when I was little to purchasing my very first digital point and shoot and now shooting with my Nikon D750, but I will say that I never thought this would be something I’d get into as a business later on in life. Read more>>

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