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Inspiring Stories from Outside the 610

The heart of our mission at VoyageHouston is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Houston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out rising stars from outside the 610 below.

Darinee Suttajit

As a teenager, I was too scared to challenge myself, academically or physically. My self-doubt was greater than my goals. I didn’t believe I was smart enough. I didn’t like the skin I was in. I didn’t have an adult mentor that I felt safe to talk to. I felt completely lost… I am happy to say, the person who I used to be is completely gone! Read more>>

Jess Castle and Jonathan Means

Go Polaris Studio started officially in 2017 when we had a sort of life epiphany. I spent an inordinate amount of time pondering the age-old question “what is my purpose?” and took a proverbial inventory of our skill sets. We decided we wanted to work for ourselves doing the things we were best at creating. I know that sounds incredibly canned and offensively cliche, but I actually mean it in its strongest sense. Read more>>

Sam Molandes

I started smoking my own peppers and dehydrating them. But instead of making flakes with them, I decided I would grind them into a powder. I would make some powders and give them to friends, and everyone loved it. Soon, more and more friends were asking for more and wanted larger quantities. I started making larger amounts, and would ask for a few bucks here and there to cover the cost of the raw products, but really nothing more. Read more>>

Chris Calhoun

Modeling never seemed like a viable option for until one day I was online looking at clothes to continue to develop my personal style more when I noticed that all the models for the clothes were built exactly like me. Weight, height, shoe size all of it. At that moment it sunk in that it may be viable for me, hat I may have a chance. Read more>>

Leslie Kell

I began my artistic journey as an airbrush painter and illustrator. I eventually found myself transitioning to a career as a graphic artist, and I’ve been fortunate to operate my own freelance design business for over 25 years. In the last decade, I’ve been able to transition back to pursuits in fine art. While my aesthetic tendencies had not shifted significantly over the years, my medium of choice had changed quite a bit. Read more>>

Robert Page

To see the world as not always a horrible place, there is magic in the simplest things we take for granted. The lamps that lights up our darkened rooms at night, the amazing way a bridge can stand with tons of rumbling automobiles day in and day out. Or even the basic of the basic. A paperclip. Someone designed this little piece of wire to hold even greater ideas together. Read more>>

Raymond Compton

I like to consider myself an artist and my form of mediums branch out to acting, painting, fashion designer, photographer, and drag queen. I pretty much do everything but basic math. Let’s begin with Houston, I moved to Houston when I was seven from Paka, Malaysia. My only vision of the world outside of Malaysia was from TV, and the spice girls movie, so coming to this new land was a shock. Read more>>

Rendell Mitchell

I experienced being mocked and ridiculed for my artistic projects at an early age, so I developed a thick skin very early and also learned how to run on self-motivation. Having a lack of support helped me to become a well-rounded artist which stands to show that sometimes a negative situation can bring positive results. Through my artistic journey, the first thing I started to really make my hobby was editing images and adding graphics. Read more>>

Ciro Flores

I have always wanted to be an artist. I made small paper cutout figures and posed them like sculpture; I guess these small figures were my childhood form of sculpture. I spent countless hours drawing my favorite comic book characters. Color pencils and crayons were not available to me back in Honduras, so most of my early work was crudely drawing in pencil. I immigrated to the United States, to Pasadena Texas, in November of 1982. Read more>>

Shawn Head

I grew up moving throughout the midwest and music was my solace. I jumped between genre’s quite often though. My first big musical commitment was when I was 12/13 and started playing guitar. I ended up starting my own rock band called “Faith Came Broken,” after a few years of doing that I felt like I wanted a bigger challenge. I knew that my school had an orchestra program, but there was even a better reason for me to go to the class. Read more>>

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