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Inspiring Stories from Outside the 610

The heart of our mission at VoyageHouston is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Houston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out rising stars from outside the 610 below.

Lindsey Wexler

As a teenager, I took a cake decorating class at a craft store with my stepmom. It was an incredible creative outlet for me, and I became addicted to it. I spent late nights and weekends in High School destroying my parents’ kitchen and developing my craft. Read more>>

Jennifer Fuller

Food is my jam. Who doesn’t love money well spent on a great meal? I saw a need for a food group in the Clear Lake/League City area and decided Facebook was where I would create this group. Bay Area Houston Food Lovers was created in June 23, 2015. When I created the group, the idea was to share food photos. Read more>>

Xā Carter

I feel as if my journey to discovering self began when I moved to Houston, Texas. I had visions of my future self, and remaining trapped in the small town I grew up in was not a part of the vision. In 2016, I packed all of my possessions and drove to Houston in order to create the life I had envisioned. Read more>>

Gillian Bartley

In 2007 prior to graduating from high school, I started a job working at a pharmacy. Skeptical about whether or not this was the career field for me, I begin to grow discouraged realizing this wasn’t what I was interested in anymore. Read more>>

Jenny Block

My mom says I wrote and “published” my first book in elementary school. It was about ants, I believe. So, I guess, although my path has been circuitous in some ways, it does actually make sense that I would one day end up as an author.I began as a Mass Communications major in college. But after getting an F in Newswriting. Read more>>

Courtney Suddath

Early in life, I felt called to help people. Life experiences shaped that calling into where I am today. I guess I always had the end result in mind and just traveled the roads that led me to the next step along the way. Looking back, I realize that special people meant to help me were placed along this path throughout my life. Read more>>

Mandy Rowden

Girl Guitar started in early 2007 after moving back to Austin from NYC. I had hit some hard times and had trouble finding work over the holidays and my cell phone got cut off and in an attempt to pay the bill some of my buddies from Austin School of Music. Read more>>

Stephano T.

My Instagram journey started in 2013 where I posted a variety of pictures: outfits of the day, pets, food, and other typical things. After a while, I noticed that my audience on my personal Instagram was not as interested in seeing photos of food as I was in sharing food photos. Read more>>

Jeremy Blanton

Photography has always been a part of my life. I’m thinking this was probably genetic since my father was a video producer for the Texas A&M Veterinary College and later, Texas Department of Transportation for over 25 years. After years of dabbling in photography. Read more>>

Hannah Lowe Corman

I’ve painted and created art my whole life as an outlet to relax and reconnect with my inner self. It wasn’t until I moved to New York City, however, that I decided to sell my art and pursue it as a career after nearly a decade in the corporate and not for profit worlds. Read more>>

Just Ill

I started painting when I was six. I used it as an outlet for my wild imagination and short attention span. Whatever emotions I wasn’t allowed to express openly I did so thru art. Where I’m originally from in rural dirt roads of South Carolina, no one viewed art as a profession so I never invested much resources in it career-wise. Read more>>

Katie Duke

My husband and I received a camera as a Christmas gift from my parents before our first daughter was born. I didn’t know the first thing about photography but I knew that I wanted to document every moment of my daughter’s life once she was here. Read more>>

Angela C. Gennusa

I finished my BS in Psychology and went immediately into the field of mental health specifically at residential childcare treatment facilities specializing in clients with extreme trauma/abuse/neglect backgrounds. I absolutely fell in love with it; yes some parts of working with that particular population. Read more>>

Jonathan Tiras

Torqued Cash started out in 2017 as an artist management company. We had one artist on the roster named Cash Diddit. Since then, we have morphed into a complete digital distribution and music publishing company. We currently have five artists on the roster and plan on growing even more in 2020. Read more>>

Ciasia Brown

I’m from Fort Wayne, IN I moved to Houston in June of 2018. Prior coming to Houston, I was introduced to entrepreneurship by way of eBay and reselling old items in my house to make extra money for myself. I was amazed at how I was making as much money as I wanted, just by continuously offering things that people wanted to buy. Read more>>

Yadira Bonnette

I started Cosmetology in High School after being denied the opportunity to get into Auto Mechanics but quickly became in love with the creativity behind it and pursued it for a few years. I had the opportunity to assist some amazing mentors that taught me so much more than the technical parts. Read more>>

Jim Kovacik

In November of 1988, I started working in radio “research” at 98 FM KFMK. I was a student at the University of Houston. Three years later in 1991, the station changed to 97.9 the Box. I was then offered a full-time job working overnights and producing the morning show. Read more>>

Angela Johnson

As a child, I always envisioned myself owning my own businesses, but I also knew I had to get my education as a foundation. I retrieved my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a Masters in Public Administration with a focus in Local Government. Read more>>

David Castillo

My story is probably a lot like a lot of other people’s. I lost my dad at a young age, had to quit school, and go to work, and pay the bills in the house. I went from hanging out in the streets, to changing my life and I got into law enforcement. I taught myself how to repair and build computers. Read more>>

Sincere The Jeweler

As crazy as it seems, I got into the Jewelry field in the most crazy way. Fresh back from Los Angeles as a hungry entrepreneur videographer, I was in search of all jobs as possible. As I drove down Richmond Ave. I noticed a “New Flagship Location” song on top of a Johnny Dang sign. Read more>>

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