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Inspiring Stories from Outside the 610

The heart of our mission at VoyageHouston is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Houston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out rising stars from outside the 610 below.

Amber E. Williams

My career began as a high school English teacher and I grew in my career and entered into school leadership. I served in several leadership roles, including high school principal, and found a love for leading, training, and development. I soon started my own consulting business, specializing in coaching and training of leaders, aspiring leaders, and business owners and providing services to schools and organizations as a certified Woman-owned/Minority-owned business. I have realized that my career possibilities are limitless and I have gained experience in higher education, educational technology, and writing. Read more>>

Hannah Lowe Corman

My life has taken some twists and turns, but what has remained constant throughout has been my love of art. As a little girl, I loved drawing – discovering colored pencils, charcoal – as a hobby and creative outlet. I started exploring paint during a summer class at the Maryland Institute College of Art. I continued to play around with acrylic paints during and after college, even as I pursued a career in finance. Moving around the country for my husband’s work afforded me the opportunity to consider self-employment, and art was such a natural idea that it didn’t even occur to me for a few years! Read more>>

Harold Chatman

At about 10 years old my mom took me to the YMCA with her one day. All I knew was older people go there to work out. The first few days that I went, I went to play basketball. I wasn’t familiar with any of the other activities and so I stuck with what I know. One day I went to the gym area where I saw all the older individuals working out so I was curious. I remember getting on a chest press machine and I put it on the lowest setting and I was struggling. I looked over across the gym and saw my mom working hard, straining and doing heavier weight than I was.  Read more>>

Tommi Linh Patterson

Before the pandemic I was fairly active with occasional tennis lessons and once/twice a week cycling classes. As the pandemic hit, I found myself isolated and removed from both forms of my regular exercise and leading not just a sedentary and solitary life, but also one in which I indulged in sweet, cakes, and all things baked! The combination of lack of exercise and saying yes to my husband’s desire to make everything he saw on The Great British Bake Off, I found myself on the couch with a bad back for months and also carrying on the evidence of all the sweet indulgences! Read more>>

Andrea Baumgarten

I was born in Colombia and came to the U.S. with my family when I was 8 months old. With very little money, my parents had a hard time establishing a home for us. That led us to traveling around the states for some time, until we eventually settled in Houston, Texas. Growing up, our family experienced multiple hardships, including my father’s death when I was 9 years old. My father suffered greatly from depression and it is what ultimately took his life.  Read more>>

Ella-Shunay Powell

EMP Credit Restoration Services, LLC was established in October 2021. I have been assisting my family and friends for many years to establish and repair their credit. After realizing how many individuals do not know the importance of good credit or even know what is on their credit reports, I decided to expand and help others. It has not been an easy road but because I love to assist others, it has been smooth. Read more>>

ZaNiya Hall

Hi guys, so this is my story , I always knew I wanted to become something bigger , I started off as doing nails and slowly found out that nails wasn’t my passion , so one day I took a lash class and passed and became a certified lash tech , ever since then I fell in love with lashing I love seeing my girls look pretty , I got to where I am today because I pushed myself to work hard seeing my mom struggling with her kids just gave me an eye opener to grind For her and I did just that. Read more>>

Dominique Mickles

Life has a way of coming at you and coming at you fast. As so many of us have had to deal with thee unexpected life changing pandemic that was “thrown Upon us” it was also the battery that I needed in my back. I watched millions of people Lose their jobs including my husband to no fault of their own. It was then when I truly seen how EASY it was for one’s Livelihood to be taken away. As a housewife and mother to 3 boys that reality became really scary.  Read more>>

aki yamaguchi

My photography journey started when I found out my ex-husband wanted to leave me for a younger model. We didn’t have human kids, but we had two amazing dogs–search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs that I trained and handled for years prior to this. They inspired me to get out of the dark hole, and do something with my life. I wrote my first book about this journey–my story and my photos of Jazzy and Cooper. I funded the money through Kickstarter and donated all the proceeds to a Border Collie Rescue I worked with at that time. The book is titled Heart Dog–healing through dogs and photography. Read more>>

Indya Davis

I started Indya J. Makeup Artistry one day after everyone constantly asked me to start doing other people’s makeup. I’ve done others makeup when I was in high school and throughout freshman year of college but once the pandemic happened I gave up. I didn’t have no motivation to start again until I came to Houston and met people who complimented my work and wanted me to perfect my craft. I started taking clients through the promotion team I was working for at the time. Everyone around me motivated me and supported my dream. Although it is difficult finding clientele, I promote myself by word-of- mouth and social media. It has been a struggle but I remind myself everyday why I continue to want my business to grow. Read more>>

Stephanie D. McKenzie

ccording to my mother, I have been a relationship coach or a coach for 90% of my life. Which is interesting, because when the opportunity to become a coach came into my life, I didn’t want to be a coach. I was running an award-winning Urban marketing agency; coordinating celebrity events; and helping smaller companies build their brands. Read more>>

Deniz Yildirim

I am Deniz Yildirim. I was born and raised in Turkey. I have a bachelor’s degree as an aircraft maintenance engineer. The first time I came to use in 2014 was with a cultural exchange program when I was studying at a university. But I settled in use in 2020. I want to do something different in my life and for that, I quit my profession. Read more>>

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