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Inspiring Stories from Outside the 610

The heart of our mission at VoyageHouston is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Houston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out rising stars from outside the 610 below.

Terrence Sani

When catastrophic things happen in your life, you can’t help but naturally self-evaluate your current way of living. Everyday life was telling me I had a purpose. Each excuse buries who you want to be, where you want to go and diminishes your drive. I majored in procrastination, pink slips (both termination and late notice letters), pushing priorities to the limit and stretching deadlines out as much as possible. I even took time getting out of the womb. Read more>>

Hector Galan

I began training youth soccer because I realized I had a passion for training kids. I didn’t want to keep playing, but rather I wanted to focus more on understanding and teaching important soccer concepts. I had the option to focus on professional players or development of kids. Ultimately, I enjoy teaching the fundamentals and helping individual players find their success. I began training at the age of 18 at a club that was top 3 in Catalonia, Spain, called Gramenet. Read more>>

Regina Nguyen

I was in middle school when I needed to see an optometrist for my first pair of glasses. My parents took me to see my cousin, who is an optometrist and after my experience with her, I knew that was the profession I wanted to pursue. She had a fulfilling career that had a positive impact on the community and was able to maintain her family/social life – it was everything I knew that I wanted for my own future. Once I made that decision to pursue optometry, I began to focus my education on health and science. Read more>>

Nicole Jiles

I started my business in 2014 because I wanted my two boys to see what successful black women was. I was determined to give him the best life possible. After a few bumps in the road due to postpartum, being a single mom, and serving the Army, I decided to put a pause on my business. I relaunched full force March of 2019 with a new mindset and more motivated than I have ever been. Read more>>

Kristen Wollenberg

I started my adult life by graduating from Texas City High School and moving on to Colorado to be a theatre major. That was my first experience living out in the world on my own, and it came with its fair share of trials and tribulations. Three months into my freshman year of college, I went out to a theatre Thanksgiving party with some other people from my department. I had taken an Adderall at the beginning of the night. Read more>>

Molly, James Poenitzsch and Caleigh Campbell

My husband and I met in physical therapy school and earned our Doctorate’s in Physical Therapy. We both worked at another clinic together but weren’t satisfied with the way we treated patients. We wanted to be able to see patients for longer periods and to incorporate other aspects of wellness, including nutritional counseling, personal training, and yoga. We opened our own clinic in November 2018 and have been open for about a year and a half. Read more>>

Khari Bernard Tilbury

Starting making T-shirts’ when I was 19, my second year of college at Lamar University in Beaumont. It’s was my first business venture and help me understand what I wanted to do in life. I went to the fashion organization to build a team around my Tshirt company and I recruited four students that’s where older to help me organize and sell my Tshirt designs. I even organized my own social events locally to bring awareness to my brand, where I invited other artists to showcase their talents as well as mine. Read more>>

Keetria Garner-Chambers

I’ve always been a music lover and enjoy listening to all types of music, so having an opportunity to work in the entertainment industry has been a dream come true. I started my career as a freelance music journalist and publicist before teaming up with a good friend to launch what is now AMW Group. It was a great experience that allowed me to work alongside a great team of people, major artists, lifestyle brands, and travel to parts of the world I’ve never seen. Read more>>

Sarina Nicole Steed

I have been living in Houston, TX, for seven years by way of Tennessee, born and raised in Memphis, TN. I found my calling early in life, taking an interest designing clothes at ten years old and received my first sewing machine. I entered the city fashion contest and won over ten awards by 15. By age 15, I was making clothes and home accents such as drapes and furniture accents. Read more>>

Christy White

I started my journey as a photographer in 2010. What began as taking pictures of my own children and family and friends, has evolved into so much more! Over the years, my style has evolved from posed images to the lifestyle sessions I specialize in today. It’s been a journey that my life experiences as a wife, mother, foster parent and adoptive parent have shaped slowly into what it has become today. Read more>>

Asante Varnado

I have always been intrigued with baking since I was a little girl. During the summer, I would go to Louisiana and spend time with my grandmother, who would buy homemade 7UP pound cakes from a neighborhood baker. She was the first to teach me about baking sweet potato pies without measuring any ingredients. As I got older, I continued to bake for family events but nothing fancy. Read more>>

Toinette Wright

I was born in raised in a small town in East Texas. I’m the middle child of three children. My parents divorced when I was very young, both later remarrying. I was what you would call the black sheep of the family. I was always getting into trouble. Mainly because of my mouth. I was always told that I talked too much. I was an average student. My teachers would always give me a bad conduct grade because I talked too much and was disrupting the class. Read more>>

Jeremy Goldsberry

I got started in videography as a freshman in high school, taking my first video-focused class in 2009. While in high school, I competed in the SkillsUSA video production competition, where I won third in the nation for my high school. The win and the video classes that I took for all four years of high school had really cemented my love for videography. I stuck close to my passion for videography into college, attending Texas State University. Read more>>

DeAndria Becks

My twin daughters have been the greatest inspiration with launching Becks Beauty Bows. Molding them into the best versions of themselves includes enhancing their beauty with bows and accessories, all the while taking photos to capture their most beautiful moments. A Becks Beauty Bow is the frame to every girl’s pretty picture. Read more>>

Latoya Thompson

I am a native Texan, born and raised in the Killeen/Fort Hood area. After residing in Houston, I have encountered a whole new world. I’ve always been what is known as the “girly girl” and have had a closet full of clothes and shoes since I can remember. I am that one most would say is “extra,” but I just love to be unapologetically me with bold confidence. I wouldn’t trade it for a thing! She’s A Ladii is a mixture of my personality, my style and my demeanor as a Lady. “How did it all start?” you may ask. Read more>>

David Alvarez

For the most part of my childhood, I grew up in the border towns of the Rio Grande Valley. Specifically Palmview and La Joya, Texas. My parents were born in Mexico and I was born in America, making me a first-generation Mexican American and I’m proud of it. I grew up being influenced by pop culture from both sides of the border, playing sports with neighborhood friends from el barrio and our school district program (La Joya). Read more>>

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