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Inspiring Stories from Stafford

The heart of our mission at VoyageHouston is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Houston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out rising stars from Stafford and surrounding areas below.

William Cumby

I grew up in west Houston and attended Stratford High School. From there I matriculated through Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Ok. Upon graduation I struggled to find a career. After being let go from a job, God led me to a passion that is purposeful. Currently, I am the Youth Pastor at The Fountain of Praise. Read more>>

Anthony Garcia

Last year around the month of June, I really turned my life a complete 360. – I started getting involved in the CHH (Christian Hip-Pop) community, simply just recording in my room with a microphone my parent’s bought me with a lot of love. Read more>>

Tiy Jones

I started my journey when I found out I had Uterine Fibroids in 2013. I have always had dilating cramps since I could remember since starting my cycle at age 12, but never knew why I was in so much pain. One day at home during that time of the month I was in so much pain I fell to the floor and could not get up or walk. Read more>>

Isabel Cuenca

I began art making as a child with my mother. She constantly had projects going on at home- painting figurines or wood and making it a key or belt holder. We were making picture frames out of plaster of paris and painting them. She made jewelry, bandana hats, and wind charms. Read more>>

Donald Stutson II

I started coaching when I was living in Stillwater, Oklahoma at CrossFit Stillwater. A job opportunity opened up for me to come to Houston. When I got to Houston, I resumed my coaching and eventually was taken under the wing of Shondria Williamson, the owner of CrossFit Graffiti. Read more>>

Jonathan Conner

As an undergrad, I initially enrolled for music production. I attended a video workshop on campus, and the next day I spent my savings on my first camera. I didn’t buy a camera to get rich quick, I was fascinated by the workshop and the creativity of the videos presented. Read more>>

Marixa Andrade

Photography was a great coincidence in my life. I started in 2004, when my uncle gave me a small point-and-shoot-film camera, which I used to experiment with natural landscapes. Since I lived in Colorado, I was very inspired by my surroundings. Read more>>

Thea Chesson

Throughout my life I have always had a creative side. In 2015, I ordered my first piece of equipment allowing me to do heat transfer apparel designs. I was hooked as soon as I began learning the program and creating designs. Since then I have added embroidery and digital printing which has allowed me to expand my business and products to create other items aside from custom apparel. Read more>>

Jewel High

It all started with an idea that I could solve the problem most women face with large feet by designing exquisite shoes for woman of all sizes. I’m 5’10 and I’ve been wearing a size 11 shoe the majority of my life. I take pride in my appearance so it bothered me when I had to choose from a small selection of shoes, especially when the majority of the styles aged me or looked masculine. Read more>>

Caroline Ferguson

I started Grateful & Company because I wanted to empower people to believe that they were worthy. We exist to empower people to recognize their self worth, to acknowledge the value in those around them, and to do both of these things with physical appreciation- hence our three pillars, recognizing, acknowledging, and showing with the intent of ending suicide, specifically on college campuses. Read more>>

Myeshia Brown

I always knew that I would own my own business. I thought that it would be in the healthcare arena seeing as though I had earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Healthcare Administration and later, a Master of Business Administration to further my healthcare management career. Read more>>

Qiaochu Zhang

I started small, designing and printing business cards, banners and restaurant menus for mostly small businesses. After 3 years, we are now serving both large and small. Our clients now include American First National Bank, Cushman & Wakefield, Wood Group, and universities in the surrounding areas. Read more>>

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