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Inspiring Stories from Stafford

Loren Stark

My great grandfather, Leander J. Stark, started the company in 1910 in Guthrie, Oklahoma. At the time it was called L. J. Stark & Son. My grandfather, Loren D. Stark, joined him in 1921 after serving as a Second Lieutenant in the Artillery in First World War and then graduating from Northwestern University. Loren, because of the Great Depression, moved to Houston where in 1938 he brought his family and young son Donald Dayton Stark (Don). Read more>>

Dr. Rachel Foreman

Dentistry at Artysan Lane is the culmination of the “Art of Dentistry and the Practice of Dental Health care.” The office had its Grand Opening on October 22, 2016. The Dental Office is a Private Practice, and was established by Dr. Rachel Foreman. Read more>>

Tammy Faber and Lanasa Moyer

Fort Bend Services, Inc. was established in 1981 by late Lyn H. Levens and his wife Rosemary C. Levens. Fort Bend Services grew over the years and in 1989 Jim Dromgoole was added to the company as a minority owner. Mr. Levens retained 55% of the company and Mr. Dromgoole was given 45% of the company. Lyn, Rosemary and Jim served as the directors of the company until Mr. Leven’s passing in October of 2015. Read more>>

Tiffany Scales

I had about 8 friends living with me in a one bedroom apartment and while I paid the rent, the others contributed as they were able to food and other essentials. We reached a point where rent was inctreasing but incomes weren’t and one day there was no soap, no tissue, no money. Read more>>

Robert Whitman

Forward Science™ was founded by two engineers with a goal to save lives. The method to save more lives was to innovate current technologies for everyday use by clinicians, in efforts to be used on many more patients. Forward Science’s flagship product exemplified the vision of the founders, to create a simple, efficient and more affordable oral cancer screening device that can be used by more clinicians on more patients, thus saving more lives! Read more>>

George Chapa

Lone Star Oil Recovery was started by my brother Eric and me just over 10 years back. Six months into our startup; I left to Iraq with the Texas National Guard! Eric was 19 and the responsibility of either maintaining the business or letting it go. It was rough for him alone but I encouraged him to hold strong. Read more>>

Johnny Chen

Starting 10 years ago having been laid off from my first 2 jobs I knew there was something wrong with having my future in someone else’s hands. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing bad about working within a bigger organization and contributing to one area of tasks and building something big. BUT, I always couldn’t help to think about how far can I really go. Everything I do there was always that inner voice in my head whispering to me telling me that I need to literally “build” something of my own. But back then I had no idea how to begin and obviously don’t have any skills besides knowing how to use a calculator and type very fast on a keyboard. Read more>>

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