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Inspiring Stories from Sugar Land

The heart of our mission at VoyageHouston is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Houston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out rising stars from Sugar Land and surrounding areas below.

Ashley Hurst

Over ten years ago, while a student and athlete in college. I was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, which totally turned my world upside down. It made everything harder. Running, working, socializing, studying, traveling. Everything changed very quickly for me. The hardest part for my was not having the support I needed. I lost friends in the process who didn’t understand and I spent a lot of time grieving the life I was slowly losing. I didn’t have a solid treatment team at first. Read more>>

Tracy Salvador

My story began in 2016 when I made the decision to start cosmetology school. It wasn’t an easy one, although I always knew I had a love for hair, I was also a mom of one and expecting my second son, going to school full-time wasn’t something I thought I can financially do at the time, but as a mom, I also knew I had to achieve the goals I had in life. Once I finally took the leap to start school, I was working and going to school part-time while being pregnant, which was not an easy thing to do everyday. Read more>>

Boma Cheetham-West

I’ve always loved music even before I could realize my interests. I remember being in the car as a kid with my family and my mom and dad would play the coolest songs from Nigerian music to country and everything in between. Throughout my childhood, my favorite memories were marked by music and when I got into High School, I fell in love with Hip Hop. At the time, I thought it would be so cool to be a producer or own my music label. Read more>>

Lainie Maroulis

Ever since I was little, being creative was something I loved to do and had an eye for. One Christmas I got a camera and ever since then I’ve never wanted to put it down. It opened a whole new door of being creative through photos. I started taking photography classes to better my skills and started to learn a lot about everything that goes into photography. Soon after I got the basics down, I was in high school and I got asked to be the football action shot Photographer and after just the first football game I took photos at. Read more>>

Sandy Monroe

Dai Cor Baskets and More was started with the help of my Dad. My dad brought me a book on How to start a home-based gift basket business by Shirley George Frazier back in 1996 and I was able to meet her years later. I did my research and was amazed by what I found, and the business went from there. Had my two sons and named the business after them. The goal was to be able to teach them how to be entrepreneurs so one day they could run this gift basket company or their own brand. Read more>>

Juan and Jessica Lomeli

I started photography one day when things weren’t looking too good financially. I had purchased a camera, a couple of years prior, mainly for family vacations and such, when one day I looked at the camera sitting there and a light bulb lit up. To which I decided to take on photography as a new source of income. Luckily for me, I have an uncle who’s been in the photography business for more than forty years. Read more>>

Trizia Vargas

Nail Artistry for me began with my love of Hello Kitty. Unable to locate a salon in Houston that could do an elaborate set of nails for me, I had no choice but to learn. I began doing nail art on myself in 2014, and soon the over the top detail-oriented designs began garnering attention on social media and from people I would encounter. What began as a hobby soon turned in to a full-time career. Nail art has taken me many places. Read more>>

Nikki Riley

My inspiration originally started with the birth of my first son. I was in the Dallas area and my sister introduced me to her friend, who was able to capture his hand and footprints a few weeks after he was born. When my second son was born, I soon realized that nobody in the Houston area did the same type of ceramic impressions that I had previously received. I hopped on an airplane with my 4-week old to head to Dallas to have his prints done. Read more>>

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