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Inspiring Stories from Sugar Land

The heart of our mission at VoyageHouston is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Houston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out rising stars from Sugar Land and surrounding areas below.

Mia Creswell

During this time, I also began reflecting on the peer support I wish I had as an adolescent and teenager which lead me to start to Own Your Peach in the Fall of 2012. I knew that I wanted the mission to be surrounded by self-esteem and sexual purity, but over the last several years, it has evolved into much more in order to meet the unique, complex needs of the population we serve. In a sense, Own Your Peach is my ‘baby’ because with it, I too, have grown so much as far as understanding my own identity, confidence, resilience, and most of all, my faith in God. Read more>>

Christine Nguyen

I was born and raised in Alief, a suburban community in Houston. I then attended Prairie View A&M University as a Biology major for undergraduate school, and I went on to pursue a degree in Podiatric Medicine in Miami Florida. After graduation, I completed my residency in Brooklyn, New York fast forward to the present, I am a Podiatric Physician practicing in the Greater Houston area. I am here today, thanks to my parents and the struggle they had to endure for a better life.

Marvin Atkins

I started the company once I graduated from Michigan Technological University in 2010. Relocating from Chicago to Houston was, in fact, one of the toughest, yet best decisions I ever made. It was tough to start over in a different market from which I grew up and knew a lot of the city, to a place I had only visited a few times. Going out meeting people, companies, and business owners allowed me to build my name and brand. Read more>>

Dr. Jacob Dent

In 2003, I graduated from LSU Dental School. In 2004, my son Ethan was born, and I started my private practice in Louisiana. In 2005, Hurricane Rita destroyed my office which forced me to move to Houston in 2006. Later that year, my son was diagnosed with autism and turned my world upside down. After working for another group practice for five years, I opened Sugar Land Modern Dentistry in 2011. Read more>>

Traci Rooks and Cherhonda Gunn

Ironically enough we met at a fan event for the TV show Scandal in Los Angeles. We clicked right away and during the process of getting to know each other found out we both loved to write. At the time Cherhonda was writing plays for her church back in Ohio, and Traci was in Houston writing an array of stories that ranged from sci-fi to fan-fiction, so we decided to try writing together. After doing a few writing prompts over the computer and learning each other’s writing styles we decided to work on our first screenplay. Read more>>

Skye Warren

My background is in Computer Science. I went to UT Austin and worked in the Houston oil and gas industry for my first few years back. I loved some things about the work, but when my son was born, I knew I needed a change–with both my work schedule and to stretch my creative muscles. I started writing without really knowing it could support my family. I already loved romance, the inherent hope of it, the heroine-centric journeys, the focus on both sexual and intellectual empowerment. So writing romance came naturally to me. I wrote the book that I wanted to read, the small gap in what I could find and what should be represented. Read more>>

David Krichmar

I originally earned my Real Estate license when I was 19yrs old. While I was going to Penn State for my degree, I would go and take real estate classes before my college classes. Real estate was my first love, but I went into the mortgage business right out of college and hasn’t looked back yet. I have been helping families get into homes for over 16yrs now. I have been lucky enough to be interviewed for many national articles, written many of my own and have won awards for my customer service and mortgage production. I have two beautiful children Lilith and Roman. And also have an amazing, beautiful and supportive wife Nidia. Read more>>

Tiara Hawkins-Jones

I started doing hair in New Orleans, La when I was about 14yrs old on my grandmother. She would always encourage me to do different styles on her since she knew I wanted to be a hairstylist; she was my inspiration. But when she passed away from ovarian cancer, I lost that inspiration and desire to do hair which sent me down a different path. In August of 2005 is when I came to Houston from Hurricane Katrina; at that time I was working for Walmart, but would do my family and friends hair for pleasure. Read more>>

Phyllis Bailey

Our family moved to Houston with Gulf Oil Corporation in 1980 when my job relocated with one of Gulf’s business units to Houston. While working as Gulf’s liaison with the Tokyo, London, Dubai, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Taipei offices for the international lubricant sales group, this was a challenging experience because a lot of cultures did not like to deal with women, especially the Middle East. Because the majority of them dealt with me by phone and email, once we met in person, it was like being old friends, and they were very respectful of my work. Read more>>

Stacy Ike

Stacy wanted to get into journalism as a child, but didn’t know exactly what that would or could look like as a career. Her family and friends referred her to Mizzou because of their widely-recognized journalism program. After attending Mizzou, she realized that she loved the art of journalism, but not in the traditional sense. She wanted to create her own space in the field, where she could fully express her passions. Stacy moved to Los Angeles after studying journalism at the University of Missouri to pursue television hosting and acting. Read more>>

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