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Inspiring Stories from the Woodlands

The heart of our mission at VoyageHouston is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Houston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out rising stars from the Woodlands and surrounding areas below.

Chonda Daniel

I am a proud Houston native that grew up on the Northside of Houston, Acres Homes and the Greenspoint area to be exact. I’ve been in the banking industry for the past 13 years, but my passion lies with creating all things that make “Scents.” My journey into candle making started back in 2016 with the encouragement of another fellow handmade entrepreneur and the university of YouTube… lol. Everything I know and learned has been strictly self-taught with hours and hours of research and trial and error. So for the past four years, I’ve focused on crafting my skills in which has blossomed into the great smelling candles I produce today. Read more>>

Charles Villafana

Legacy Reborn Acquisitions came about from having cafesito with my fiancée one Sunday morning and having a really in-depth conversation. The idea that we could help our community through real estate kept us going. We have both been in and around real estate for a year and we came to the conclusion that we know to much and have enough friends in the industry to not be making a difference. So we decided to found our newest venture, and Legacy Reborn Acquisitions was created with the intention of giving our community solutions when it comes to dealing with their personal real estate needs. Read more>>

Sharon Wilson

I’ve always had a passion for making children smile and feel their best. I taught kindergarten for six years and loved it, but after having kids of my own, I desired more time with them and a more flexible schedule. I had more teacher supplies than I knew what to do with, so I began crafting. I made items for children’s birthday parties and sold them on Etsy at a local co-op in Tomball, TX. Eventually, I began shopping at the market and discovered so many amazing items that weren’t offered in our area. I knew that I had to bring them back to Tomball. I was honored to be a part of a well know co-op, The Turquoise Door, for four years in Tomball as well. Then I began Kid’s Anthem and stocked the store with unique toys and beautiful clothes that I thought my own kids and my former students would love. Read more>>

Ilse Calderon

Although I was born in the United States, I was born to Mexican parents and raised across different Mexican cities until I was eight years old. When I was eight, my parents made the ultimate sacrifice to move to Houston, Texas so that my sisters and I would be able to have a better life and pursue higher education in the U.S. They left everything that was familiar to them and moved to Spring, Texas without knowing a single person. Since neither of my parents got the chance to attend university, their ultimate goal for us was to enroll in an American university. Growing up, I was always a very entrepreneurial person. Even in middle school, I would make artisan marshmallows and sell them to neighbors for hours on end on weekends. Read more>>

Travis Postany

Born and raised in Pearland, TX, I knew at an early age I wanted to be an athlete, I played every sport up until I was 15 years old and then chose to pursue BMX full time. My senior year of High School turned professional and I spent the next 12 years traveling the world competing on my bike. I was doing all of my training in Conroe, TX at a friend’s house so in 2007, I made the move from Pearland to The Woodlands. During this time, I started to attend The Woodlands United Methodist Church, where I would meet my future wife, Leslie who was working as one of the youth pastors. I continued to ride and train until October 29th, 2010, when my mom (Jenese Gillam) passed away from a stroke. Three days later, I found out my dad (Joe Post any) had stage four cancer and I stopped riding to take over his company while he went through cancer treatments. Read more>>

LaSandra Collins

I have always been one who encouraged, inspired and motivated others to fulfill their aspirations and dreams. But when my life took a downward turn, I had to embrace who God was calling me to be. God showed me that He created me for something bigger than I could ever imagine. It was then, my gifts collided with my true purpose and I understood that my true calling was to encourage others to see themselves as Christ sees them so that they too can walk in their divine purpose. Read more>>

Jeremy Box and Stephen Alfred

We’ve been friends since high school where we met because we were both on the football team and later played other sports together as well. Our friendship really grew after high school, though, and we’ve been close friends since. Our lives went in different directions and have taken us to different locations, so we haven’t always been close in proximity but have remained close friends for right at 20 years now… Gosh, just saying that makes me feel old! HAHA! Read more>>

Acquilla Gbunblee

Lilah’s Creation was created to honor my daughter Dalilah. After having Dalilah, I had to focus on losing baby weight and being a new mommy. My mother purchased me some waist beads to help with the weight loss. I remember as a child in Liberia. I wore waist beads as a tradition to shape the figure. And this is how it all started. I decided to start a business selling waist beads hoping in the future to add more items. Read more>>

X. Carmen Qadir

I am a basic and clinical scientist-doctor by training. I received my doctoral degree at Tulane University School of Medicine in my hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. I have had a tremendous amount of training and work experience in the clinical sciences. My career as a clinical scientist was investigating pathological processes in chronic diseases. After my doctoral degree. Read more>>

Asher Warriach

I was a Supply Chain major attending the University of Houston. When I got the Internship, I was so excited. However, I quickly realized during the internship that working for someone wasn’t my purpose. I remember one day sitting at the desk and contemplating my life. I couldn’t fathom sitting in a cubicle all my life building someone else’s dream I knew I wanted something more. I wanted to control my life & be my own boss. Read more>>

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