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Inspiring Stories from the Woodlands

The heart of our mission at VoyageHouston is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Houston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out rising stars from the Woodlands and surrounding areas below.

Megan Schneider

After graduating from cosmetology school in 2015, I was so eager to get a salon job and learn more about color. After working there for about a year, I still didn’t feel satisfied. I wasn’t sure if it was just the wrong salon for me, or maybe the wrong career choice, – but one haircut changed everything. You never quite know what God has planned for you! That one haircut took my life in a direction I never seen coming, and now I’m married to him. Read more>>

Heather Says

In 2010, a few years before I turned 30, I made a list of things I wanted to do before that big birthday. I’m not sure why, but I added “relearn to hula hoop” on it. So I got a small hoop in the toy department of a big box store, and it was a total failure. I turned to the ever helpful Google and found that the bigger/heavier the hula hoop, the easier it is! So I found a large one at a sports store and that was it. I was hooked. I immediately became my 8-year-old self again. I was brand new to Houston at the time, and the hoop helped me find new friends in a city where I knew no one. Read more>>

Paula Ruiz

I am a graduate in Speech Therapy and also have a Master in Business and Administration with a specialization in Marketing. At the age of 15, I begun working as a hand model, performing publicity work where only my hands were visible. During that time, I had contact with various photographers, with big names in Brazilian publicity, who are recognized and awarded worldwide. During in numerous photoshoots and filming, I was always observing the lighting and the protocol being used. Read more>>

Sherina Welch

As long as I can remember, I’ve had a love for photography. Even has a child, I would create silly make shift studios, and I’d invite friends over so I could photograph them. Mind you, the backdrop was wrinkled bed sheets, and my camera was an old rickety film camera. Fast forward to my twenties and photography became my hobby, and my interest was street photography and portraits. When I wasn’t working, I’d roam the streets of Houston and capture anything interesting. Read more>>

Mary Lou and Gabe Rodarte

We are a family based company — a husband and wife team with three amazing kids. With over ten yrs of experience in the residential remodeling, we had been building our construction company by flipping houses for our clients. Gabe learned through an investor/client who took the time one day to sit and talk with us and show us that we also could doing real estate investing for ourselves. Read more>>

Kathryn Brown and Jacqui Brown

We’ve known each other for about seven years, and as of this past month, we are sisters-in-law! Less than a year ago, you would have seen us as friendly competitors with photography studios. Yep, you read that right. In May of this year, we were on the phone chatting, when Jacqui spontaneously said: “Hey what do you think about combining our businesses?” We talked for three hours that night about this crazy new idea, and instantly knew it would be a great fit. Read more>>

Tamala Austin

An early holiday gift for Houston residents focused on health and wellness, J.I.V.E. Juice is now available at Whole Foods 365. J.I.V.E Juice (Juice Is Very Essential) is the first juice company owned by an African American to be placed in Whole Foods. Founded by Tamala Austin, author of “Love My Body Again: 21-Day Meditation to Create Your Best Body Now” and a certified health coach, J.I.V.E. Juice provides organic cold-pressed fruit juices and smoothies to support a healthy lifestyle. Austin turned to juicing, nutrition, meditation, and exercise following a diagnosis of high blood pressure, eventually launching a growing juice delivery service throughout the Houston metro. Read more>>

Troy Reynolds

In 2011, I was a rookie elementary principal. I happened to gain the position at the time when the huge budget cuts put into place by the Texas legislature hit. As a result, I had to lay off almost 15% of my teaching staff. I was emotionally unprepared for it, and it broke me. I was completely prepared to move out any teacher who was bad for kids, but these were good teachers who my students needed. I walked around angry for a couple of years, and as I studied our legislature, I became angrier. Read more>>

Kaleb Elijah

Lake & Prosper was birthed during the most difficult time of my life. In December of 2017, two days after Christmas, I lost my mother to a swift diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma, which is rare cancer that attacks plasma cells. One day while I was grieving I had a vision flash quickly before my eyes, that vision was to create bracelets using healing gemstones. At that time, I really think I was given this idea to provide me some therapeutic relief. I had no clue that by doing so I would embark on a business that would connect me to people that needed the same thing. Read more>>

Ashley Haby

I am a Southern living, Sweet tea sipping, Jesus loving, Wifey, Homeschooling Mama of four who loves DIY projects, Travel, and Rae Dunn. In the South, farm to table is a way of life for many, so essentially I wanted to be able to do the same with my products. It started with sensitive skin with myself and my kids which is how my notorious goats milk soap came about then I added in bath bombs, lotion, candles, chapstick, birthday boxes, and seasonal items too! Read more>>

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