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Inspiring Stories from the Woodlands

The heart of our mission at VoyageHouston is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Houston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out rising stars from the Woodlands and surrounding areas below.

Robert Harrington

I started making films as a hobby in 1999. My first edit was a music video of my dog missing his owner (my wife) as she left for work. After that my wife and I started filming weddings as a hobby. In 2001, wedding films weren’t very good. They were all music video-style edits without much natural audio. We started telling the story of our couples by making films that looked and sounded like movies. Cinematic shots mixed with rich narratives from the key voices at the event made our films stand out. Bella Vista Productions was our wedding cinema company named after our oldest daughter Isabella. We offered a product so unique, we had no problem booking weddings and had to turn down a lot no matter how much we raised our prices. Read more>>

Amy and Sean Harris

Sean and I are both Physical Therapists, Sean specializes in orthopedics and I am in pediatrics. We are both passionate about physical fitness and the impact it has on all of us throughout the lifespan. Sean has always planned to open a gym one day, and when the space became available at Plaza One, we knew it was time. Read more>>

Vonnie Tatum

A long-time goal of mine has always been to be a business owner. At a young age, I saw the importance of ownership and creating a space that my community would love. My journey towards becoming a business owner was pretty unique. In a lot of ways, I had to create my own lane and be steadfast in the goals I had for myself.  While in law school, I was motivated to finally start my business. Over those three years, I was determined to make this thing happen. I maintained my focus in law school but never lost sight of my other dream—to be my own boss. I would go to class, study, etc. all while drafting my business plan, conducting industry research and locating a start-up space. Read more>>

Hunter Shelton and Luke Williams

Two best friends (Teacher & Sales Rep) decided to start a coffee company during COVID! We are avid cyclists and wanted to connect two things we love, bikes and coffee. We are working with a local roaster in Spring, Texas to bring small-batch, high-quality beans to market! We are an online retailer that connects with local bike shops to sell from. This is a win-win for us it brings local people into the shops to get our coffee without having to pay shipping and gives bike shops more traffic! We also pair up with some select coffee shops that carry our stuff to host bike rides and events. We feel this gives us a unique value proposition as we help be a vehicle to drive business locally. Read more>>


When I began my music career in 2oo4, I searched for a stage name that would embody my desire to use my God-given talent in a positive way. I wanted my music, whether hip hop, Latin, R&B, or Lo-Fi, to make a difference or make an “impact” if you will. And such was born Mpax, my artist/producer name & Mpax Productions, which is my music publishing company. Being a University of Houston graduate and of Guatemalan decent, I found early success providing beats for rappers like FLAME, Ruslan, and KB. After I took a break to get married and start a family, I later shifted my focus toward collaboration with a variety of artists and providing soundtracks for feature films, television shows, and social media sites. Read more>>

Wallace Grant II

Greetings, Wallace, WG2 Sound Records, CEO is an anointed millennial with resolute faith in Jesus Christ and an undeniable spirit that personifies Christianity in today’s society. After releasing numerous collaborations with the likes of Zacardi Cortez to Jabari Johnson to Houston’s Own Endurance to Shawn Mclemore to Bushwick Bill of Houston’s own Legendary Ghetto Boys  to even J Vito of the world love The Hamiltones, this emerging powerhouse is more than a producer/vocalist and lyricist. Read more>>

Stephania Correa

It’s actually kind of crazy thinking about it now. Not a lot of time has passed by, but it feels like FOREVER ago. With Love’s origin story really begins with a little girl with a big imagination and even bigger feelings. I was always a very sensitive person, it was like ma-thang. “Oh, Manny’s crying again, okay, what’s new?” And growing into my adolescence was a full-blown ROLLER COASTER. Many-a-time, I thought the sky was going to fall. And it did feel like it, at the time. Read more>>

James Syrewicz, Marina Deese and Eric Gray

Sunday Traffic started around two years ago with James Syrewicz, Marina Deese, Maya Mitchell, and Eric Gray. Most of us met through School of Rock except Maya who went to James’ high school. From there, we started learning covers and writing originals until we started playing gigs around the Houston area. We recorded an EP of 5 original songs together. However, recently Maya went off to college. Read more>>

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