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Life and Work with Quiana Woods

Today we’d like to introduce you to Quiana Woods.

Quiana, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
Ten years ago, a high school friend invited me to a private meeting while I was home on Thanksgiving break from Grambling State University. I had a small crush on him which is why I agreed to go with him to this event thinking it would be a surprise date… until he placed me in a room of strangers and walked out, lol. I didn’t know my life would be changed forever as I sat in this “group interview” about the multi level-sales industry. Of course, my first thoughts were this is too good to be true and it may be a scam, lol.

However, I didn’t believe this guy would be interested in scamming me so I indulged in the possibilities. Because I had been battling with actually going back to school to appease my family, I decided to silence those fears and take on something new. I quickly learned the industry regulations and truths versus myths about my new sales career and within six months, I was flown out to the home office to speak about my short journey to the entire company. Along with my two-year journey, two major things happened: 1. I married the guy that brought me to that meeting and 2. I had my daughter Laila. These two events set off a new eye-opening revelation “I didn’t know how to be a wife or a mom, YET”, however, my regional managers had taught me something I had never seen growing up: 1. How to set goals 2. How to work with your spouse 3. How to personally develop and 4. How to believe in the sales industry.

Over the next few years, we partnered with a few different associates resulting in us making our first six- figures in 2014, in which, we also gave birth to our son Landen. So, by that time, we are 25 and very well connected to some very influential people and then things change drastically. We attend the MLK parade in Houston, TX 2015 and received a call to fly out to Vegas for a sales training event, while on the trip we get an email from our new business associates that the company is going bankrupt… I CRIED! So many emotions hit me at one time and we had to make some sound choices fast because we had two children to take care of and a new lifestyle to maintain, so we did what we knew best which was to search out our possibilities, resources, and connections. See, over the years, we had become pretty good with the camera documenting our success along the journey for marketing purposes, so we decided to take on photography more seriously. We became the sales industry connect in our circle and met so many people and God continued to send us customer after customer with no professional advertising just “Word of Mouth.”

Then, in January 2017, we got a call from a very influential individual to come to film his new project. To be honest, because of who he was I feared he may ask us to take a look at what he was doing because of what had happened in 2015 but we could not pass up this opportunity. So, we took on the project and it turned out to be about something called “Forex.” I had no idea what a “forex” was, lol, but I knew we needed the check for filming about it. This is where the change took place when it was time to edit the footage. My husband was so intrigued by the information and eventually decided to learn against my will. It took me months to give him my ear about what Forex was. I had taken on an apartment leasing job in the middle and it was easy because of all my sales training, then I lost my grandmother in October 2017. I can’t explain what happened to me eternally but the giant in me woke up and I remembered why the industry I started at 19 was so important to me. I gradually learned about Forex with my husband and how we could educate our people.

We created a group called “The Winner’s Circle.” “The Winner’s Circle” is a group of about 1800 individuals/customers learning this skill of currency exchange together. The organization extends to multiple countries and states in the US, Egypt, Africa. Pakistan and Indonesia just to name a few. We have even opened up the “Rich College Kids Tour” in several HBCU’s where we teach college students this skill as they complete their studies. This group helps kids that don’t have the ability to work a 9-5 spend a few moments on their mobile device and properly use the skill taught to make a few bucks or more to cover living necessities. For our overseas students, we have stories of them being able to double their regular monthly wage just by using the skill taught as well. So, overall, I love being able to introduce individuals to this trait with my sales background. This is purpose work for us, it’s not just about the money we get a chance to inspire the young and the seasoned with those seeds that were planted in us 10 years ago on how to “Believe” your way through life.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
No, it has not been a smooth road. It has been full of self-discovery, growing pains of not always being right and letting go of what I had planned from adolescence. At one point, we had to donate plasma, our friends didn’t celebrate our promotions as we did their graduations, I couldn’t participate in a lot of things because it went against my new disciplines and at 19, no one really wants to talk about sales and marketing in your peer group. I hung with older successful people that were so necessary to my growth but it was not always the “in” thing to do. I felt lost at times but it all worked out for my good. The sooner you let go of your right to be right about how success is supposed to look and or feel by a certain time frame, you will start to embrace the adventure of change. The journey you face would be boring if it was a straight path so ride it like a roller coaster… screaming when you need to scream, laughing when you need to laugh, crying when you need to cry but believing that your path has been tested and cleared for your take-off and landing.

Please tell us about The Winner’s Circle.
I travel the world talking to people about the power of this sales industry while giving them the tools to understand Forex. I always tell people that I specialize in creativity, I can do anything (or attempt it) if I see it and feel driven to do it. I am known as the “wild card” because I’m very environmentally aware and can adapt quickly. I am most proud of the stories we have created by helping people to the other side of misguided education and fear. What sets me apart is my energy, I can feel your transparency and you can feel mines.

Were there people and/or experiences you had in your childhood that you feel laid the foundation for your success?
Watching my Mom hold her energy and smile all my life as a single mother was the perfect ingredient to knowing it’s not always about how you feel, your calling in life is still calling.


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