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Meet NaConda Frank

Today we’d like to introduce you to NaConda Frank.

NaConda, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I have always had a passion for helping others in some capacity. I believe it’s in my DNA. My family tree has members who were village healers, teachers, chefs, bakers, beauticians, tailors… all professions whose premise is making the care of others their top priority. Growing up, I was able to witness my family volunteering to help those in need, and I soon took joy in volunteering with them and on my own.

Fast forward to me being married with children and no longer affiliated with the military. I had a yearning to help moms like me. I knew there were resources available to help & inspire moms of multiple children, and I wanted to be one of those resources. I struggled with the idea of being a help and with my mental state not allowing me to fathom that possibility. During this, I was unknowingly experiencing depression and having anxiety attacks. My mindset was simply making it from one day to the next and taking care of my family. After my worst experience with depression, I decided to choose life over my circumstances. Practicing self-care regimes, embracing my family, and learning about self-healing are some key factors that brought me to the point that I am at today. Knowing that I have gone through the worst and am working on coming out on top is what motivates me to inspire, encourage, and assist other moms who I know are silently suffering in order to portray the picture of strength that many people see them as.

As my growing family began the journey of home education, I realized that there was so much to learn and so many resources to learn from that it soon became overwhelming. I had no one to lead me in the preferred direction for my family nor any real person to help me choose what curriculum options & routines would work best for us, just bloggers and YouTube videos. Once we got into our “groove” after about four years in, I realized that I did not want any other families to have to spend so much wasted time conducting hours of seemingly endless research like I did. I cannot begin to tell you how many days Pinterest sucked me down its infinite, deep, dark hole of creatively inspiring crafts, organization hacks, and curriculum options.

This is when I realized that my passion for helping other moms like me would be in the form of homeschool consulting & coaching. Remembering those nights I stayed up with my eyes glued to my computer screen reading articles and searching for answers that never seemed to hit the nail on the head created the sense of urgency to let my fellow homeschooling moms know that it was ok to not know what you’re doing because I had been there and done that! Reading through most of the blogs I followed also made me feel defeated because their worlds seemed to be so perfectly put together, all the way down to the perfectly placed scripture reference solidifying their calling to and will to follow God’s path for their family. I wanted to enlighten moms like me who were in the trenches, and let them also know that there can be hope in homeschool in spite of what you may think is a burden or weight.

I was led to join a group on Facebook of other homeschool moms who were wanting to become entrepreneurs. Continuing on with my vision of helping others, I was faced with the realization that I could create my very own business based on doing what so many people asked me about: parenting & home education! This Facebook group turned into a much smaller group of women who were all dedicated in their own entrepreneurial paths, and we all collaborated to co-author an Amazon best selling book, “African American Homeschooling Mompreneurs”, the first ever book published that told stories of successful African American entrepreneur moms who also homeschooled their children. I was then encouraged by these same women to share my own personal story of overcoming & conquering mental illness while I educated my children at home. The second release of my personal book, “Confessions of a Depressed Homeschool Mom, 2nd edition” also earned Amazon best-seller awards! Today, I am continuing to run with this beautiful vision that God blessed me with so many years ago. My goal is to encourage homeschooling moms all over, and let them know that they can find hope in homeschool simply by choosing life over their circumstances!

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
The road to becoming an entrepreneur has not been easy. Prior to all that I am doing in my business now, I struggled to find myself. I was consumed by raising my children and being a “good wife”, and even standing in for my husband in his absence while being deployed and working away from home. Back then, it was as if I wore blinders; I was so focused on what was in front of me that I lost sight of who I used to be and who I wanted to be. Once I realized this, I slowly began to sink into depression. After speaking with my therapist recently, I realized that I had been living my life as a functioning depressed person. In my mind I thought that I was only experiencing moments of being depressed. I realized that I could not continue to be a great mom & wife that I wanted to be if I had nothing to give to them. I was pouring into their hearts and lives from a bone dry & empty cup.

Please tell us about your business.
I am known as NaConda, “The Homeschool Whisperer”, and I provide homeschool consulting services in an encouraging and unbiased atmosphere in my business NaConda N. Frank Consulting. I specialize in promoting positive mental health awareness amongst homeschool moms, and I am known for using my soft-spoken voice to spread inspiration and wisdom through my realistic approach to home education. I use my social media pages & new blog to embolden and speak wisdom to as many people as I can reach! As a company, I am most proud of learning about the women’s lives who I have touched without knowing. When I share stories about what I experience personally, it creates a small bond with my audience and lets them know that I am going through the same things they are, and choosing to try my best to conquer the uphill battle I may be experiencing. I am always receiving messages from followers about how my posts and videos have helped them get through something and it truly keeps my fire lit, inspiring me to continue spreading enlightenment! I believe that informing others about my struggles with mental health while homeschooling & owning a business sets me a part from most other home education consultants. I remember being so hard on myself during our beginning homeschool years because I just could not keep it together like all the moms in the blogs I followed. When I realized that there was nothing wrong with me & every family’s homeschool experience is different, I made it my mission to let other homeschool moms know that it is ok to be imperfect and have off days as long as you bounce back!

So, what’s next? Any big plans?
My future plans are to continue spreading the message that there is hope in homeschool, regardless of the circumstance you may be experiencing. At one of the lowest points in my life I was suffering alone, and I want to encourage other moms that may be experience something similar that they are not alone! One of my biggest goals to is to speak nationwide about how healing home education was for me mentally, physically, and spiritually! I am looking forward to continuing to spread hope and encouraging all who care to listen. The biggest changes that I am planning for my business now are creating an online learning platform teaching debate, speech, and reading comprehension courses, and starting a podcast!


  • Free 15-minute virtual homeschool consultation
  • “Basic” one-on-one home education consultation, $75
  • “Standard” one-on-one home education consultation, $150
  • “Advance” one-on-one home education consultation, $250
  • 2 free “Intro to Debate” lessons for high schoolers (ages 14-18)

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Photo (in green sweater) taken by Keith Frank.

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