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Meet Travarius Brown of OnMyBlock92 in North Houston

Today we’d like to introduce you to Travarius Brown.

Travarius, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
Honestly the dream and vision was always built within. God put it in my heart to love and care for others, so with that came the love and joy of being around people. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t friendly but my personality allowed me to meet some incredible people, and of course playing sports all my school years up until college, going to school in two different districts and partying all my teen years lol. One thing I’ve always had in me even though I had my times of being young and dumb, was a certain ambition that kept me thinking of different things to do and try. I graduated from Dekaney High school class of 2013 an went on to The Prairie View A&M University!

I studied criminal justice and law with the hopes of being a crime scene investigator and to also be one of the good cops who could try to make a change in the justice system as we all have witnessed is corrupted. While I spent my time studying on the Hill I met soooo many amazingly talented individuals and got introduced to so many aspects of life from people all over. It’s an experience only a pv panther would understand.

Unfortunately I got hit with a course of events which caused me to take a step back in life and have to go home and be with my family and take a year off. Over the time, I was blessed with a good full-time job and decided I wanted to work on building my own business and use my current job as one circulating income. I soon began to think what’s good to know everyone that could do this and that but not make use of it or help plug the connects in around the city at a time where we need the help, love and support? And that’s when I knew what I wanted to with the rest of my life. I consider myself a visual creator because I love to write and draw my thoughts and ideas out because I feel like if I thought it, now seen it, then the only thing left was to bring it to life. So I began to write write write and once I had all my thoughts together, every idea revolved around shedding light on the unknown, overlooked or maybe someone or business that doesn’t know who to call on. And not only shed light on them but shed light on the fact that we need new generational leaders to get into the communities and bring knowledge to the youth as well raise awareness for many things.

I seen that one of my close friends from high school whom is an amazing DJ and name is Kelci! was working on her own Radio Station and was looking for shows to fill in slots. Mind you I have never in my life thought about being on the radio et alone having show but I jumped out there and told her I had a crazy concept and show to pitch and I told her that I really feel like I can use this opportunity as a major NETWORKING platform. My visions have always been beyond the norm so I didn’t want to highlight just music artist, but ARTtists of all sorts whether it was entertainment, a business or brand. Not only highlight them but give them the opportunity to be apart of the business and family I’m building on and that way it’s all in the same circle but just evolving together. That’s when I went back to my book and started researching how to be a good radio “Host” lol, how to deliver the message, how do I get people to listen, oh noo people going to be listening to me live! Am I really ready for this lol.

But I got back to work and came up with a name that I feel people could relate to no matter what, a name that gives the Artists a chance to tell their story before the grind, tell the story of how was life on their block, what’s their story because everyone has one whether its good or bad, what gave you the ambition to do what you’re doing now? Because the real fans will get to see their storyline and feel and relate to whom ever it may be even more because they see and know the story and that’s when I knew The Block 92 Aka OnMYBlock92 was it. The #1 Networking Radio Show on the new 92KELZ. OnMyBlock92 is a radio show now but will be one of the most loved and respected platforms in the city of Houston than state. We have a lot planned and we have a lot coming but I don’t want to spoil it, just know you all will hear and see The Block Family come 2020.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
One thing about life is there will always be obstacles. You cant sit in sorrow or be down for too long or you will never accomplish what you’ve been working so hard for. Yeah get it out! Yell, cry, make some time for yourself but let it be for a moment then pick yourself back up because there’s a bigger blessing coming and purpose.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the OnMyBlock92 story. Tell us more about the business.
Onmyblock92 is a family of creative leaders and masterminds. Who not only are apart of this business but have their own businesses they run, so when people deal with us they get connected to other businesses as well. We provide a platform where it’s like your at home, comfortable and have everything you need! Interviews, crazy visuals, recaps videos, Block Events of our own that I won’t expose because everything will be different, We will expand and be more than radio and internet radio, we will be a world wild streaming service that highlights the Art of the Cultures through visuals and events. Most business and companies look for the big names and the popular individuals but I want the creative, ambitiousness ones I know or came across who would be gladly to be given an opportunity to showcase their talents, learn and network and that’s who we build our family around.

We provide media coverage at events, we support and host events, hire photographers, mua, stylists, and models, throw events such as showcases, pop-ups, festivals and charity events. Marketing yourself business and brand is important so we provide marketing packages and have a marketing specialist that will bring your logo to life, create your business cards and a whole website all while pressing you 20 shirts at once lol and she goes by Aleeah and her business is L and A Designs. We also have DamnCarlaCooks who is the owner of Mixing Souls as well as a part owner of another business with another Block family member by the name of Lorie and their new business name is LoC’s kitchen which services some amazing home cooked meals that doesn’t consist of pork.

Our creative content creators whose also very versatile Rikka with Foreign PhotoGod and WoahNa whose also my co-host on the show. Can’t forget one of our amazing Djs who has something big coming up for the Djs in the city Dj Chedda LoCo. So we are a family full of creators and leaders whose just ready to present the world with an all-around positive platform that not only provided them entertainment but provides them with help love and action. What sets us apart? We only have actions left to show for that…

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?
The only bad luck I have been running across is responsibilities. We make excuses when we know what’s needed to be done but bad habits and procrastination keep the bad luck rolling. I’ve been working on it and praying on it but just know once its all nailed down and tightened up! I’m not stopping! and my business, team, family and partners isn’t stopping neither!

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