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North Loop’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageHouston is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Houston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out North Loop’s rising stars below.

Danish Farooqui

I started performing on stage at Cy Creek High School and later after school, I auditioned and performed in plays at StageWorks Theatre just a few minutes away I have been in this neighborhood for most of my life. After researching acting as a profession and big markets, I decided to go take professional full time acting classes in NYC. Most of our curriculum was theatre and part of our curriculum was voiceover. I was inspired by my favorite cartoons so I really knew I wanted to do this as well. Read more>>

Gabrielle Johnson

Early in life, I learned what it meant to be self-sufficient. I was seven when I lost my mother to cervical cancer; she was 26. After my mother’s death, my older brother graduated high school and joined the army, leaving me with my father and stepmother until they divorced years later. I was still in school at the time, so I was forced to bounce around a little, living with different family members, still going to school and maintaining my grades until I completed high school in 2015. Walking across that stage as an Honor Graduate meant more to me than your typical student; it proved that I could not only survive but thrive despite my circumstances. Read more>>

Laython Washington

I started in high school, joining our television program. We went to an STN convention where we had to find a story, shoot, edit, and turn it in within 27 hours of arriving. In those hours, we interviewed Penny Tolerations, then General Manager of the Los Angeles Sparks and the first woman to score in WNBA history. While attending school, I was talent on our sports show “Homefield Advantage” and wrote for the school newspaper. Read more>>

Sandeep Sulhan

Sandeep Sulhan, born and raised in Houston, Texas, parents and grandparents born in India. I got into the music industry in 1999 during my freshman year in high school. I started as a dhol player (Indian/Punjabi Traditional Drum), played at school functions, Indian festivities, and alongside local DJ’s. Read more>>

Sarah Williams

Well, my passion for cooking started at the age of six. My mother Edith always believed that as a growing young lady, not only did I need education but I needed to learn how to cook. Cooking became an everyday thing for me. Growing up, I would play a restaurant with my parents and my siblings. I would take their orders and then go to the kitchen a prepare the meal. I would watch cooking shows all day. It even got to where later on as I got older, I wanted to prepare and present my foods like the pictures I see in the magazines. Read more>>

Ashley Moore

Ashley Moore is the author of “Let’s Talk Pain and Healing. She is a mentor, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur from the small town of Crystal Springs, Mississippi. She received her undergraduate degree in Educational Psychology from Mississippi State University and her graduate degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of West Alabama. She is currently working on PsyD in Clinical Psychology and taking additional courses to obtain her BCBA. She has approximately ten years of experience in the field of mental and behavioral health. Read more>>

Naro #ThatChickenMan Mak

Foods have always been around my family. After our immigration from Cambodia, we spent many years working on farm fields. Afterwards, we progressed into construction and finally able to save up enough money to open our first donut shop. Following many years of hardworking, we got involved with the Hartz franchise here in Houston and it was a great fit for our family. I spent 25 years staying away from the food/restaurant industry… only to come back and finally fall completely in love with it again… I am at home. Read more>>

Ronald Bonnette

While I was an undergraduate at Prairie View A&M University, I started DJing as a hobby. I would have weekly parties at my house off-campus and I slowly started to gain more and more supporters. Those small house parties transitioned to larger college parties, then weddings and corporate events. My hobby quickly became my passion. Read more>>

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