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North Loop’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageHouston is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Houston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out North Loop’s rising stars below.

Majia Rhyans

When I first had my first child, I experienced my first struggle with anxiety and mild PPD. I felt alone because no one understood my situation. I was dealing with my first child, a stressful job, and not much support because my boyfriend was away working. After this experience, I started to become more educated on depression and anxiety. Read more>>

Keneshia Gibbs

I started as a licensed cosmetologist & esthetician in 1995. I began teaching the arts and sciences of cosmetology and esthetics in 2005. As a College Professor, I found myself significantly indulged in helping former students start, or grow their salons, spa’s and med-spas, as well as help reconstruct their business to increase clientele. Read more>>

LaKeisha Washington

I am a mother of six that is no stranger to struggle. I woke up one morning called my child support card to hear I had a zero balance. I had been saying that I would attend Culinary School to start a small business, yet having the number of kids that I have. It is easier said than done. My kid’s ages range from 18-5. After hearing that there was no money available, I did what Mom’s do. Read more>>

Tiffany Butler

A vision powered by God. Ephesians 3:20-21 was the start of Abundant Innovative Solutions. It was September of 2019 when the Lord spoke and said, “write the vision and make it plain.” I questioned it of course, because I am a divorced mother of five and I was working a full-time job as a Lab tech. I wondered how I would do this with no money saved up. 10/1/2019. Read more>>

Jermaine (Dj425) Williams

I started DJ in a little over ten years ago. My love for music allowed me to free myself and opened up like no other. I never wanted to be just a DJ that went to the club to club. I wanted to focus more on private events (weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, etc.). Once I grew a follow me and my wife (Chan) started giving back to the community by giving away free events. Read more>>

Neil O’Reilly

Music as always been my biggest passion. Even before I realized it was. I started from when I was just a kid and got my first drum set at the age of 7. I had always loved everything about music from playing it to learning about it for the technical side of it. Even just listening to music puts me in such a good space. Whether I’m feeling happy or sad. Read more>>

Brandon James Roy

It all started with a phone call made to Brandon three years ago. He had just turned seven, and the caller told us his name was given to them by someone who thought he would be a great actor. They asked if Brandon was interested in coming and trying to read a few lines for an audition that was being held at a hotel in the Galleria. It was odd because Brandon had no acting experience, nor has he’s ever shown an interest in the industry. Read more>>

Jesse Sabillon

JJ and Son all started about 18 years ago as a Father and Son team. As Jesse Sr. had a very skilled trade as a Carpenter teaching Jesse Jr. everything he knows, along the way, learning all different aspects in the skilled trade and remodeling business such as finished carpentry, painting, kitchens, bathrooms, drywall, electrical, and much more. Read more>>

Ariel Bussart

I was born and raised in Alaska. My mom wanted me to go to college, but from a young age, I had a strong passion for being a stay at home mom. She said they (my parents) would pay for college, and as long as I graduated, if I chose to stay home in the future, they would support me 100%. I got my bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University in Hotel & Restaurant Management in 2007. Read more>>

TJ and Jessica Hoag

Our love of coffee started when we changed our diet and could no longer have cream and sugar in our coffee and actually tasted what store bought coffee tasted like. We then started venturing down the endless coffee rabbit hole and learned how coffee is roasted. We started on a skillet on the stove top and found that the flavors were far superior to what we could buy in the store, and eventually came across air roasting and the rest is history. Read more>>

Maribel Andres

I started about five yrs ago just making centerpieces and planning my family social events Quincenearas and weddings. And the guest would tell me to offer my services to other people because my decorations were nice and decorative. I started to sell the Quinceneara dresses for us it’s a very special moment in a young girl’s life and it’s when a girl turns 15. The celebration is planned months ahead l. Read more>>


Formally an IT pro with a Masters Degree in IT, I am now a passionate writer, covering multifarious genre and business. Experienced in e-commerce implementation, writing IT documents on process and procedures, quality control and web content for blue-chip companies (UK and India), I am also self-employed as an Online Coach, freelance writer-editor-reviewer and a trained Indian Classical Dancer. Read more>>

Danielle Dworaczyk

My family likes to joke that my journey into the counseling field began when I was in second grade. As the story goes, at the back to school night, my teacher told my mom that I was going to be a social worker because of how compassionate I was towards children on the playground. This teacher wasn’t exactly correct, but she was close! I studied developmental psychology when I was an undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh. Read more>>

Sandy (Sangeeta) Adhikari

Coming here in the United States at the age of 19, leaving my family behind in my country was the hardest decision of my life. being so young at the time, it took me a while to figure out what’s going on in my life, and later I realized that to survive in the states, you need to work hard and believe in yourself. I was always wanted to do something good for other people since my early age. Read more>>

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