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North Loop’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageHouston is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Houston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out North Loop’s rising stars below.

Xavier Holcomb

I started tattooing because of my older cousin, and at the time, it was a hobby In college, but things changed when my cousin passed away and I went into a negative space in life that affected my school life. Had no job and needed money to pay for rent and tuition. In the city I was in, I was the only black artist and I taught myself everything from day one. Long nights of YouTube and online research helped me progress. Now I’m a sponsored traveling artist looking to do more with my talent for the youth. Read more>>

Marian Villegas

I was five years old when I started drawing. I didn’t know the journey I was about to start until now. Once I started painting, I couldn’t stop. With time, I learned all the different techniques to paint, such as acrylic, oil, watercolor, and a combination of the others. I learned to identify art through time, learning Impressionism, expressionism, modern art, pop art, among others. I was so curious to learn more and more that without noticing, every time I painted something, people liked it! For me was a pleasant surprise, connect with people through art. Read more>>

Latisha Latin

Growing up as a child, owning my own cosmetics brand is something I would frequently daydream about. Makeup has always seemed to be my happy place. With a brush in hand, no matter the age: Time just stood still. This continued well throughout adulthood. At this point in time, I just stuck this idea in the “dream” category. Something I’ve always wanted but never felt I could achieve. Around November 2019, I started to research heavily into creating a line. This was still something I felt would be years down the line. I ended up learning a lot about the industry, which furthered my love. Not too far after, COVID-19 hit early 2020 and completely rattled the world. Like most Americans, I lost my job and immediately started to panic. Although I tucked away a small nest egg, I had no idea where this could lead. With a sudden burst of free time on my hand, it hit me like a rock. The time was now. However, I still didn’t know what to call my business. I went to sleep that night and had an oddly specific dream. In this dream, I kept calling my brand “Lalaland Cosmetics.” An homage to my name (La)Tisha (La)tin. The next morning, I woke up and a new brand was born. Read more>>

Rain Augustine

As a kid, I was always inspired by music, modeling and dance. Doing what I love to do has always made me feel good, and seeing people smile as a result of being an entertainer made me love it even more. Although growing up, my parents haven’t supported my career, and I still followed my calling. I wrote my first song at 13 years old, and I’ve been writing my own music ever since. I was named after the supermodel icon Iman Abdulmajid. Being born in Pennsylvania next to a fashion state, NY, my modeling career began at a young age. Over the years, I have been trying to network and find the right avenues best for me and my path as an entertainer. I have two years of professional gogo dance experience. I’ve danced for EDM DJs at popular Houston dance spots. Okay, Cray, Kayzo, Sam Feldt, Phantoms, Tchami, Atrak, and more. Although I’ve only got to meet a couple of them afterwards. I’ve gained and I’ve learned many lessons over the years. Read more>>

Daisy Ortega

I was interested in Journalism & Yearbook when I was in high school. I didn’t really have much interests at first but once I advanced to Yearbook I was more and more into taking photos of the soccer games, athletes and student life. I began working a little more and more on detail for the pictures and started to see what others couldn’t and being able to capture it was pretty amazing. Once I graduated from high school I bought my first actual professional camera and began freelancing. I started taking pictures of my family, objects, pets etc. One day I got the idea to begin my own photography business and page on Instagram. I began the year of 2018 and started taking maternity, birthday parties and family shoots. It was more of a weekend hobby for me, & to be able to make some extra money. I grew to love photography more and more and the way people reacted to my skills and being able to capture beautiful moments for others was and is a great feeling to me. It’s more about just taking pictures.. it’s about capturing these moments and others being able to trust me to capture those moments and make something even more beautiful out of them. Read more>>

Janie Ivory

I am a serial entrepreneur raised in Atlanta, GA. I started my investment company, The Ineff Group on January 1, 2018 at the age of 19 years old. I had just dropped out of college. When I first began, I had a hostess job at Ruth Chris Steak House and hoped to grow my company into a digital advertising mogul. As I met many failures and complete depletion of revenue for The Ineff Group, I decided to restructure. I’ve always been a creative. From making music to designing clothes, I was always fueling my creative passions. In the fall of 2020, after many stressful nights of self-doubt and worry, I decided to begin designing jewelry. I quickly created a jump off collection and searched for vendors that can help me achieve my goal. Luckily, I found a reliable one that helped me piece together my first collection. I began my jewelry career under the business name, The Ineff Group, as I thought it would only be an interim industry for my business. To my surprise, we began to grow quickly. Using the techniques, I was going to previously implement into my marketing agency. I was able to grow my audience by 200% within months. Read more>>

Wendy Gallo

I started as just having a passion for fashion. Ever since middle school I remember having my Edhardy on and Black label on thinking I was the freshest lol and my style hadn’t reached its peak of greatness just yet lol. Or just being around the house and telling my brother what outfit went good or what looked tacky. I’ve always been the type to think that if I’m in a room full of girls, I don’t wanna look like the next 5 standing next to me. So standing out was VERY IMPORTANT TO ME as growing older and getting to discover my own “style”. I’ve did a little styling for a couple of family and friends. I know for sure if my friends have a fashion hiccup, they’ll for sure come to me and ask. So fashion and just being creative is important to me. As well as helping others feel good in an outfit, they probably thought wouldn’t even look good in their heads until we try it out. Read more>>

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