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Outside 610 05.02.2018

Thuy and Judd Gottlieb

Our dogs are our family. For the past decade, we’ve traveled the great State of Texas, moving from one city to another. While living in different cities, we left our dogs in the trust and care of several well known pet care facilities in Texas. Read more>>

Chris N. West

I held a marketing position at Google where we presented tips to businesses. I became interested and wanted to do this full time through my own business. In 2014 I started a company providing corporate training and professional speaking services. Read more>>

Leigh Ripps

The longer answer is that I’ve always enjoyed making things beautiful through decorating and design, and after I had my first baby and got a hand-me-down camera from my dad, I found that I could make beautiful things with that as well, and I fell in love. Read more>>

Shanda Domango

I’m a NOLA girl, New Orleans born and raised. I knew at age 12 at my dance recital I wanted to be a professional dancer & choreographer. I always had a love for fitness via taking gymnastics and participating in High School competitive cheerleading. Read more>>

Anthony Harrison

I attended The Kinkaid High School, a private school in Houston where my teachers and coaches always stressed the importance of education, internships and networking. I’ve always been athletic and throughout my youth played baseball, basketball and football. Read more>>

Jeff and Meloney Bean

We are Jeff and Meloney Bean. We have lived in Pearland, TX for 40+ years, but who’s counting? We are the proud parents of 5 children with 8 grandchildren to date. As each one of our children married, we realized that finding an affordable place to celebrate was extremely difficult. Read more>>

Kate Martin Williams

Founders Kate Martin Williams and Jessica Cole met as graduate student fiction writers at the University of Tennessee. Starting a press was the best way to make the stories they loved more available. When the team added Phuc Luu of a Houston-based design firm to collaborate on the design elements of book projects, Bloomsday’s core team was complete. Read more>>

Ar’Sheill Monsanto

I moved to Houston from Chicago eight years ago for a change of pace. When I first embarked on this journey, I was fairly new in my profession and was navigating the career world without a compass. I’d read popular books on leadership and how to prosper in the workplace (written mostly by men). Read more>>

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