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South Loop’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageHouston is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Houston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out South Loop’s rising stars below.

Ellana Turner

Ellana Turner, the owner, and head designer took her first sewing classes in high school at the historic New Orleans Krauss department store, where she learned the basics of sewing with a pattern. She was later mentored by a long time seamstress and bridal gown designer, who taught her how to give her garments a professional touch. From then on, her imagination was without bounds. Ellana has always had a love for abstract art, and that love is now captured through the Cloth & Cord brand. Read more>>

Crystal Charles

Ever since I was little, I’ve always dreamed of being in the fashion industry even if it meant being a manager at a retail boutique, modeling for editorial fashion magazines or even becoming a fashion designer. I knew my career was going to consist of fashion some sort of way. Over the past few years working retail, changing mannequins, watching many red carpet events and following major fashion stylist like Monica Rose, Jill Jacobs, Ade Samuels, and Kollin Carter to name a few, I fell in love with the idea of styling. Read more>>

Felicha Jones

Felicha Jones is the proud owner of Smart Scholars Academy and Smart Scholars Foundation both located deep in the heart of Southwest Houston. Felicha started her quest to push early childhood learning a little over four years ago after turning her resignation in with a major oil and gas company to explore childcare. It was then that her flight took off in the field of working with children and enhancing their little minds at an early age. Read more>>

Kelly McGowan

After years of not listening to my inner voice, I finally obeyed that small whisper and moved forward with cosmetology school. After finishing at the top of my class, I started my journey into the salon world in Scottsdale, AZ. From there, we went to Denver, CO for four years then on to St Louis and now have finally settled in League City. After what seemed like three years of packing and unpacking I looked back at all the experiences I had at all of the amazing salons I was hired at in all of these wonderful cities and capitalized on all of the incredible education I was given. Read more>>

Helena Collins

Well, ideally I never thought I would be the type to be an author as well as a Licensed Professional Counselor. I always knew I wanted to help people and be able to listen to others problems while giving relevant advice. Konfidence Is Key started in December 2017, I had a major life event that pushed me into my Destiny, and I began to write a book to help others who have dealt with unmet trauma. The book “Konfidence Is Key,” is a 21 Day devotional that is designed for women and men who have experience setbacks but are looking forward to regaining their confidence in themselves and God. Read more>>

Ashley Sparks

I am a believer in so a man thinketh so is he. Because of this thought process all my life I believed in me and everything I put my mind to. I put God first because I would not have been able to push this dream as far as I have. I grew up under a professional beauty expert in my household so, I witnessed shambled people walk out the salon door looking like a Picasso masterpiece. My mother is the one who inspired & encouraged me to take force in the beauty industry. I was definitely a perfectionist & the industry gave me room to allow my imagination to run wild and create art from scratch on human canvases. Read more>>

Camisha Lemons

I am a licensed attorney, certified mediator, and owner of The Law Office of Camisha Lemons. While I would love to tell you some fairy tale dream that “I’ve always known that I wanted to be a lawyer,” that’s definitely not the case here. I shared love and interest in the law and government, but I didn’t think nor did I know that I would it full time and find my calling there. For the majority of my life, I have been a technically trained dancer and dance instructor; I even obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance & Dance Education, with a minor in Government. Read more>>

Darina Flanagan

At 18, I was in a confused/lost place… I graduated high school at 17, and didn’t have any idea of what I wanted to do as far as a career. All of my classmates had picked colleges and were so excited about leaving and yet here I was still looking for a reason to even attend college. Being 18 was such a bittersweet age, I felt too old not to have things figured out but also too young to do something I thought I wanted to do. After my mom’s friend hiring me at my 2nd job ever (BCBG Maxazria), I felt as though I needed more money. Read more>>

Lacey Dreaux

It all started as a young kid in the artsy city of New Orleans, LA where I adopted the arts for myself. I was in my second-grade art class when I knew this was my calling. That Artistic background came in handy again when I went off to Clark Atlanta University struggling to find out what I wanted to major in and become in life. I’ve always been into dressing in my own unique way, so I thought to myself..” Why not give Fashion a try?” I already had photography under my belt as an early hobby next to drawing, and some music background, so I figured Fashion was all that was left! I began sketching out logos, designs, and clothing ideas. Read more>>

Chef James Rucker

Chef James Rucker deep appreciation for American cuisine was developed at a young age growing up in Houston, Texas where he was exposed to a variety of foods that would fuel his lifelong passion for cooking. He began his culinary career at the age of 7 working on a food truck the well known Rucker BBQ Trailer Family Owned and Operated. At age 30, Chef James trained under acclaimed Chef Bradley Ogden at the prestigious Funky Chicken & Bradley fine dining, working and studying the nuances of both French and Classic American cuisine. Read more>>

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