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Thought-Provokers: Neartown

Houston has always had an artistic soul.  The culture and heritage of our city, like most great cities, owes a tremendous debt to the arts community.  Supporting local art is something we care deeply about and we’d like to do everything we can to help the local arts community thrive.  Unfortunately, too often media attention is monopolized by corporate interests and tabloid gossip – but culture doesn’t come from a focus on celebrity breakups it comes from a focus on the arts.

Below, you’ll find some incredible artists from in and around Neartown that we hope you will check out, follow and support.

Nick Vafiadis

I write, but I can’t really call it art. There’s a massive gulf between what I do and what real pros can do, the more I write, the larger the gulf seems to be. But that doesn’t bother me at all; I continue to write for the same reason I started, its a nice thing to do, and one of the only things for me that doesn’t feel forced. Read more>>

Stella Manfouo

Reasons why we do not reproduce the same design with the same prints. The reason I chosed ” the Dream World” as a name its because am envisioning a world where everyone, especially us African/African American will be proud to wear our motherland prints on an everyday basis. Read more>>

Leidiana Galvan

This art, this madness, this compulsion to portray a story or a feeling has always intrigued me to capture everything I come across. Whether it’s the adventure I just went on, the beautiful souls I meet through this community or the jaw-dropping, multi-colored sunset painted across my small country town. Read more>>

Stacy Silva

The first blue woman I saw came to me in a dream, and since then I can’t stop painting otherworldly women. I’ve only been painting for about two years, and my work is still evolving, but I feel like I’m on the right track and am so excited to think of where I’ll be in 5 years. Read more>>

Kelli Estes

I needed an art credit, so I enrolled in the concert choir. That summer we went on a concert tour through Europe, and I thought, “Wow, this singing is easy, and I get to travel!” I changed my major that Fall and started my musical journey. Read more>>

Jackie Williams

I grew up in a small, rural town where I spent much of my time daydreaming about being somewhere else, telling and writing stories, drawing, and watching too many 80s horror movies. I was the youngest of five but grew up like an only child as my parents had me while there were in their 40s and 50s. Read more>>

Peter Healy

This is home for me and my family. I am proud to be bringing my kids up in a diverse city like this. People with stories and experiences like mine bring a unique perspective. As an immigrant in a few countries, I have seen how politicians have used immigration as a smokescreen, as an election tool, as fear stoker. Read more>>

Becky Major

I’ve become an event coordinator and catalyst for artists. I serve on the Commission on the Arts of Galveston and never pass up an opportunity that I have passion for. Every day that passes I find myself humbled and grateful for the amazingly talented people in my life. Without them sharing this vision and working for it together my life would not be where it is. Read more>>

Jenna Duncan of Jenna Duncan Photography

I absolutely love my job! My husband and I have a sweet little toddler, and I am able to balance my time between play dates with him and capturing amazing portraits for families all over Houston! I’m grateful I pursued my passion and am now able to create beautiful memories for Houston couples, families, children & High School Seniors through Jenna Duncan Photography. Read more>>

Jackson Neal

As I continue to perform and travel, I carry that sense of home with me. I can feel all the poets I’ve worked with and the mentors that have guided me in the room when I’m writing. I see them in front of me when I perform. I think in many ways I’m still returning to my first slam. Each time I come off stage I know that I’ve been heard and that I’m being held. Read more>>

Kirby Gladstein

After graduation, I freelanced for production companies and worked on the crew of every reality show that came through town. But things still didn’t feel right, so I slowly started picking up photography gigs, and eventually, I realized photography was what I was truly meant to pursue. Read more>>

Joanne Grimonprez

My first crush! Then next year, I was myself in first grade. I would just try and finish my work as soon as I could to go and sit in the library corner and pick up this magazine and jump into the last two pages for the craft activity. Heaven! Since then, I have just been obsessed with creating things from my own hands. Read more>>

Jacob Rodriguez

We have artists of all walks of life stop through and share their talent. If I am not on tour with the boys in Handsomebeast, I am at the studio working on records for local artists. I am who I am because of the support of my family, love from my friends, and I am a slave to the groove. Read more>>

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