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Trailblazers: Sugar Land

The editorial team has a special attachment to our new series, The Trailblazers: Rewriting the Narrative, because so many of us feel that media portrayals of women have been too one dimensional. Today, women are doing incredible things in all fields – from science and technology to finance, law, business, athletics and more.  With the Trailblazers series, we hope to highlight and celebrate female role models, encourage more equal and just representation in the media, and help foster a more tight-knit community locally helping women find mentors, business partners, friends and more.

Below, you’ll find some incredible trailblazers from in and around Sugar Land that we hope you will check out, follow and support.

Pamela Ellis

I always wanted to travel, attend summer camps, go to interesting places. These opportunities rarely existed or were extremely costly. This lead to my desire to create opportunities for girls like me in small rural communities and those pockets of urban communities that experience that same thing. Read more>>

Atem Orock

I feel happy when I help others. I hope I am able to put a smile on someone’s face and inspire at least one person to do same. I believe my art is kindness. My art is sharing. My art is caring. My art is love. As cliche as this may sound, that’s indeed what I do. Read more>>

Karen Dulyunan

I have been a Speech-Language Pathologist for the last 16 years but went out on my own for the last 12 years. I graduated from UT Austin in Communication Sciences and Disorders and went to graduate school in UT Dallas with a major in Speech-Language Pathology. Read more>>

Tina Bass

My small business developer We Ink Deals operated by Amora Linscomb has been a tremendous help to R&R Events!! There are so many blogs, vlogs and just social media overall that has been instrumental in our growth and knowledge overall. It’s so hard to name them all. Read more>>

Lauren Haley

I fell completely in love with music at age five following a high school production of Prokofiev’s Peter & the Wolf. Of course, I immediately begged my parents for a violin! After performing and recording professionally in London, England while earning the International Baccalaureate. Read more>>

Cecilia M. Austin

Today, I work as a writer here in Houston, and also serve as a Global Marketing Specialist for a well known O&G company. (I’d rather not specify my company). I also speak at a number of local high schools to share insight into the world. Read more>>

Kenia Miramontes

I became obsessed with trying to figure out how the skin worked and trying to figure out why acne even existed! It was something that really affected my self-esteem, I wouldn’t like to be photographed and at times didn’t even want to be seen out in public with such a big pimple that was hanging out on my cheek or chin. Read more>>

Kendra Rydolph

I have a genuine concern for the well-being of my clients. I exhibit a strong core value of integrity and I hold myself accountable to a high standard of work ethic. I truly love and care for each one of my clients and will always hold high ethical standards in developing custom and specialized services for them. Read more>>

Darcy Jackson

At the end of May, theatre would have a core passion of mine for seven years, and I would not have it any other way. Last year, I re-visited one of my previous middle school passions writing and performing when I joined and excelled in Speech and Debate. Read more>>

Rachel Dickerson

A Beautiful Mess owner, Rachel Dickerson, helps people take back important parts of their lives by using her organization & merchandising skills to bring order & peace to homes & businesses across Houston. Throughout the process of consulting, purging & organizing, Rachel gives each client individual attention as they work together to achieve their goals for a space. Read more>>

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