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Art & Life with Angelica Raquel

Today we’d like to introduce you to Angelica Raquel.

Angelica, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.
I was born and raised in Laredo, a small border city in South Texas. Though I was not exposed to art beyond religious iconography and occasional landscape paintings, I, like many other creatives, have always felt the need to create and for me, that was drawing and painting. I pursued Biology when I first began college since I wanted to study Zoology to achieve a childhood dream, but I continued to draw and keep art close to my heart. After a year, I realized that I was putting more into art than my studies and made the decision to pursue a career path in art and accept all the uncertainties that may come with such a choice. I’ve never looked back, and I am more driven than ever to finish my Masters in Fine Arts and really engross myself in the Contemporary art world.

Can you give our readers some background on your art?
My art practice explores the relationships humanity has with animals and the natural world. Using both personal experiences and familial teachings passed down to me, I’ve come to observe that the value placed on animals is partially influenced by cultural teachings. Growing up hearing these stories I always had a healthy skepticism of the lore since I was always reading and watching wildlife documentaries, so I held both of these ends of information close, and it has been a beautiful, confusing source of inspiration. My studio practice consists of drawing, painting, sculpture, and more recently, installation. The animal as an image is always central to my work, their stories, and their figures clash with symbols I use repetitively like the droplet and the human hand. These symbols and others are the ties to humanity and can be as obvious as the hand of intervention.

I hope my work can inspire wonder, questions, and contemplation. I have begun to navigate relaying the stories I grew up with, as well as continuing my observations on the value placed on animals. What is beautiful, why, and how much of our opinions are taught to us? How much of a hand should we have in the destruction and salvation of wildlife? That being said, it is more than I can hope for simply an appreciation for my work.

In your view, what is the biggest issue artists have to deal with?
There are several obstacles that are both integral and detrimental to artists today. Social media ties them all together for the most part. You, as a viewer, are constantly bombarded with images and information. I can imagine it desensitizes people as well as devalues great work. If something is not trending, like your art, for example, it’s hard to not doubt yourself and try to imitate the formula you see having success. For me, being honest with yourself as an artist and making the art that feels true to you is the most important thing. So not succumbing to the pressures of the online world and continuing to work hard is quite the challenge. Of course, being an artist and also living life is tough, artists have to have several hustles in order to pay the bills and buy supplies. Overall working hard and staying true to yourself, I feel are very important factors for being a successful artist.

What’s the best way for someone to check out your work and provide support?
You can see my work on my website

You can also follow me on Instagram where I post a lot of progress videos as well as photographs of my art.

I announce any exhibitions I will be part of on my Instagram, at the moment I am gearing up to work on my Thesis Exhibition come Spring 2020 so I will be putting most of my energy into that. Support for my work comes through sharing my art and if I am lucky, buying my art. Purchasing artist’s work is ultimately funding them to continue to create, and it is the most humbling feeling knowing someone has invested in your passion.

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Angelica Raquel

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