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Inspiring Stories from Downtown

The heart of our mission at VoyageHouston is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Houston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out Downtown’s rising stars below.


Music has always been a part of my life, I feel as though subconsciously the world around me has been preparing me for the path I’m on. I’ve been writing songs since I was eight year old and throwing concerts with my cousins for my family throughout my entire adolescences. I’ve Released my first single “On these Bars” in 2017 as my first official single release. Since then I’ve been going harder and harder to release a project that I know comes straight from my heart. Read more>>

LaRyss (Luh-Riss)

I like to tell people that I basically came out of the womb singing and haven’t shut up since. Singing and performing has been a part of who I am for as long as I can remember. When I was two years old, I’d stand up in the cart at the grocery store and serenade people as they passed by. For my 8th birthday party, I went to the studio and me and my friends each got to record ourselves singing Avril Lavigne. Read more>>

Henry Frazier

I started posting my life on Instagram just for fun. I felt as though I had a good sense of style and was always complemented on how I put outfits together. In 2015, I decided I wanted to do more with my page so I set out to provide content in the men’s fashion, travel and lifestyle genre. I partnered with a hungry photographer and we set out on the mission to inspire through creative content because I’m real big on the quality of the photograph and having a clean. Read more>>

Rodell Duff

Started off singing in the church, my grandma use to force me to sing every Sunday. From there, I began to love music, joined the school choir in 6th grade, where I was introduced to show choir, acting, etc. In HS, I fell in love with the choir even more and became extremely involved, which lead me to join a group of a few buddies, all we would do is sing Boyz to Men songs, Billy Joel and Barbershop Quartet music. Read more>>

Tierra Haynes

I am a wife to college basketball coach and mom to three boys. I became a stay at home mom about four years ago when my husband took a job out of state away from family. The first year being away from family and completely engulfed in motherhood duties to two toddlers, I felt myself slipping away. I say the void work filled for me that I no longer had and didn’t know exactly how to replace it. Read more>>

Yanet Morales

I was the nerdy student with straight as who wasn’t very popular in school. I was terrified of exposure and especially nervous about speaking in public. When I moved to the US twelve years ago, I literally felt like walking into a big dark room but I’ve always carried risk taking in my blood. That’s how grandma is, and mom. We aren’t afraid of change. Arriving here I barely knew English. Zero knowledge to be exact. Read more>>

Gibran Nassif

My name is Gibran Nassif. I am a musician, producer and music entrepreneur. I have worked in the music industry for the past decade. I started playing drums when I was seven. By the time I finished college, I hopped on a national tour supporting Grammy winning rock band, Imagine Dragons, and Awolnation. After gaining crucial music industry contacts, I dove into working for Universal Music Group, Taylor Swifts label “Big Machine Records”, and independent artist management. Read more>>

Constance Ikpatt

I started out doing my own lashes about five years ago. I would get a lot of compliments on them as I was out and about, and even at work. My mom took interest in them, so I started doing hers as well. I never imagined that I’d own a Lash Business, I was simply doing something that I loved. I was scrolling on my Instagram page last year, and I saw an Ad for a Lash Extension Course. Read more>>

Joseph Haubert

Born and raised in two urban north Texas Cities, Dallas-Fort Worth, I found my love for urban aesthetic photography very early on. I originally started my photography journey taking abstract shots for my design work, when I was a graphics designer for the city of Arlington. I then experimented with editorial and fashion but the iPhone and social media really changed everything for me. Read more>>

Kaya Lovell

I started making music in 2018. Moneymaking Sace and I were friend’s freshman year i college at Abilene Christian University. At that point I was out of my element because I wasn’t playing basketball at the school. I played basketball my whole life and even had interest from Division 1 schools. But I tore my ACL at a crucial part in my career and it was never the same. One day, Sace asked me if I wanted to record a song in his dorm room closet. Read more>>

Julio Alvarado

2017 was a heck of a year! Drinking, partying with family and friends in the notorious Houston Montrose area. I was living life! Accomplishing my goals with work and life. I was carefree but most importantly CANCER FREE. Until the summer of that year, life was great, I was your typical 29-year-old, having fun and hanging out with friends. Suddenly at night I started experiencing some excruciating migraines. Read more>>

Tue Phan

Inspired by the theme of Saigon in the 60’s, Migo Saigon Food Street brings contemporary Saigon street food with noodle bowls, small dishes and the Viet coffee. We are passionate about guest satisfaction; working hard and having a good time doing it. Our care for food and environment, commitment to teamwork, and passion for a great dining experience create unique and fulfilling time for our team members. Read more>>

Debbie Kizer

I am the Founder of Imagine Art – established in 1996 as a grassroots effort. In short, I was diagnosed with a mental illness after 15 years of drug addiction. Post recovery, I established this project as a personal work effort. It started as a tiny project serving ten artists. The mission was simple – increase the presence of artists with disabilities in the arts. Ten artists received funding for professional art classes and supplies. Read more>>

Justin Clay

Darwin’s Finches evolved in Galveston TX, during the summer of 2006, as the project fronted by Justin Clay. The name was chosen partially as a gag, as Justin was a biology student. He now believes the name has paid off as science has once again become a contentious topic in the strange culture, we live in. Justin has always kept the band centered around the songs, which he says are little cartoons. Read more>>

Warlene Rene

My name is Warlene Rene and I design one of a kind unique draped piece. I also run a small business servicing bridal during the spring/summer. I am a single mother of four beautiful children ages 20,16,15, and ten. As a young girl I would frequently attend buying trips with my mother. She was a reseller of vintage clothing and antiques. She became self-employed when I was 11 and that always left a good impression on me and always inspired me. Read more>>

Kameka Barrett

I have an appreciation for beauty, and having a beautiful smile is one of them. I studied and practiced Dental Hygiene in Jamaica, and in 2008, I migrated to the USA. Although, I continued to work in the dental profession, I wanted to own a business. I wanted to have a legacy. I wanted to get into the beauty business. I tested the waters by selling a popular household beauty brand and hosted beauty parties. Read more>>

Juan Alanis

I began my career as a print journalist straight after college and worked in English- and Spanish-language newspapers in the United States and Latin America. In Houston. I freelanced for the Houston Chronicle and also worked for the Spanish-language startup newspaper Rumbo. After my time as a reporter I began working in public relations, first at the Houston Airport System where I was a spokesperson for Houston’s three main airports and produced a monthly television show. Read more>>

Clovis Postali

I started working in the administration sector of a large beverage corporation and after obtaining a B. Eng. in Mechanical Engineering, I moved on to the technical area. After endless years of traveling, relocating and a very successful career in the food and beverage industry, I became a full-time visual artist. You see, I was born and raised in a small town of Italian immigrants in the most southern state of Brazil. Read more>>

Paula Odeh

I became a personal trainer after I experienced a life changing transformation through regular exercising. Fitness didn’t only improve my physical appearance but also elevated the anxiety and low self-esteem burden I bore for many years, thus I made up my mind to continue leading a healthier lifestyle physically, mentally and spiritually. Thankfully I’ve been able to push through for many years. Read more>>

Alli Villines

I grew up in Moss Bluff, Louisiana for the first 22 years of my life. I sang in church and played in the band. I started out as an oboe major at McNeese State University before remembering that all of my goals and ambitions in life had to do with singing. So I started studying voice and switched majors. Musical theatre had been a big part of my formative years. Read more>>

Mr. Sed B

I moved to Texas in April 9th, 2012 for my 21st birthday. I thought instead of doing the norm, I would relocate somewhere for a fresh start on life. Hair Beauty is second nature to me. What I mean by that is, I know hair like I know the back of my hand. I remember growing upcoming my grandmother’s hair at night. Making sure all my little cousins’ hair was together & then some. Read more>>

Gabe Baker

My Built Foundation: Born October 29th, 1991 in Dallas, TX, the youngest of three (older brother Micah and eldest sister Thuli) to two fired up, loving, committed Christian evangelist parents. Just prior to my birth, my parents spent around five years in the Apartheid stricken Johannesburg, South Africa where they planted and led a prosperous multi-racial Christian Church. Read more>>

Janice Bond

My life has been so full of off kilter anecdotes and tangents, it’s nearly impossible to draw a line to provide a remotely linear pathway. Nonetheless, the journey goes a little something like this I had an insatiable love of music and art from all over the world as a teen, although I didn’t have the technical vocabulary at the time. It was common for me to sneak into local bars to hear live music and perform poetry. Read more>>

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