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Inspiring Stories from Downtown

The heart of our mission at VoyageHouston is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Houston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out Downtown’s rising stars below.

Edward Pierre-Paul

Inspired by his mother’s work ethic, his father’s musical passion, as well as his own eagerness to achieve the highest level of excellence, Edward endeavored to create a unique kind of entertainment consulting firm. His desire was to build the type of firm in which the client’s aspirations were as valuable as the firm’s — a firm dedicated to Excellence, Prestige, and Mentoring. The result was EPM Consulting Group. Read more>>

Angelica Hodges

I want to create a healthier generation of kids, help families in an area that we seem to struggle with too often. I want to change the way we think of health, by changing the way we think of our food. We keep things simple, and full of flavor! Everything done in our kitchen is with love, compassion, and a lot of thought to keep meals balanced and nutrient dense. As for myself and my family at home, we are still on that path to better health. Read more>>

Rocquelle Porch

I found myself inspired to create other designs. So, I opened an online shop! CML Goods is inspired by all of the creative, bold, and confident people I’ve met through my old blog, Consider Me Lovely {hence the CML}, my love of 90’s television, the people in my life who do this life thing their way, unapologetically, my obsession with colors and neutrals, and those, who like me, find that great style doesn’t have a definition. Read more>>

Lori Peltier

The first thing that my brother and I were introduced to was music. My mom and dad were musicians, and my godfather is Kenny Rogers. My brother had a skate rock band when I was growing up. I always watched them play, which inspired me to be a musician. My brother and I were in a band together for about 12 years here in Houston. Our band was called Small Craft Advisory. Read more>>

Izzar Thomas

I’ve been making music since about 2009, I’m from Houston, born & raised. I recently moved to Georgia back in September 2018 to further pursue my dream. The type of music I make is magical music, being in the moment vibes. I feel like 2017 was my breakout year, I had been coming up & starting to get recognition finally for my craft. Read more>>

Mimi McClure and Chaun Vaughn

Our mother taught us to be strong and independent, which gave us the drive to be the best at whatever we pursued. We knew that whatever we did, we wanted to do it together. After entertaining various ideas, nothing spoke to us like the cosmetics industry. Over the span of a year, we worked with different companies, testing ingredients and mixes to see who could create the perfect lipstick. And, this is how Color Me by Chaun and Mimi was started. Read more>>

Jerel Jones

A few years ago I wasn’t feeling too good, but I had an event I had to attend. I needed something from the mall and had no one to go for me so I looked online for a service that could go pick something up for me, and I found nothing. At that moment I knew there was a problem I could solve because I knew I wasn’t the only one who had that problem before. Read more>>

Kristina Cammarano

Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would begin a blog. It’s a pretty funny story actually! One day my husband had a conversation with someone, and he was telling me about what was said because I was not there at the time. So she asked if I was a blogger because according to her observation I was so “fashionable” even when I went grocery shopping haha. Read more>>

Meena Matocha

Drawing was always something that came naturally to me, and I enjoyed learning to observe the world around me and capture it into a sketchbook. My parents were supportive of my work, but we were a traditional Asian household in many ways. “Artist” was not on the accepted list of career choices. After struggling for many years, I finally caved and committed to pursuing art as a career. Read more>>

Patrick Jennings

There’s something special about those characters from your favorite show who live their life on the other side, like the dark side of the moon. When you live for yourself and stop giving a f**** about anything beyond your realm, your mind grows, and that’s a scary place for anyone who’s intentions were to control you. Badkidslive is a story, a way of life. Everyone is a kid, and the bad ones get to live. Read more>>

Nike Diaz

I started learning how to play guitar and turned my writings into songs. All my teenage years as a solo artist, a singer-songwriter playing/working in restaurants, bars, coffee places for years. I just kept on doing solo acts everywhere I could… But you feel lonely after a while. I felt the need of going through an experimental process, I was hearing more sounds in my head beside my guitar, a whole orchestra rumbling my ears. Read more>>

Samuel Villarreal

We started Petra around our junior year in high school… I was new to the city of where our high school originated, but I had a passion for clothing and styling and music, and there I met two creatives Luis and Sopanha. I vividly remember telling Luis about starting a clothing brand which he then told me he had attempted to try with Sopanha but didn’t work out too well. Read more>>

Shaimon (justtouch) Lee

Just Touch an all-around entertainer, singer, songwriter, and producer has taken his authentic musical talents to a new level. His music arrangement compositions define the perfect combination of rhythm and blues stimulated by unique vocal harmonies. The electrifying ballads of Bipolar, the dynamic feel of Wave and the booming beat of Sweet kisses combined with potent lyrics give the entire album a magnetizing feel. Read more>>

Daphane Mitlo

The concept for Salty Lemon is deeply personal to me in so many ways. The same love of nature I had as a child – exploring local forest land in my home state of New Jersey, befriending and studying tiny wild creatures, relishing in family camping trips – later manifested itself in both my academic focus (Wildlife Biology) and my business’s approach to environmental sustainability. Read more>>

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