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Podcast: Building a Brand & Being an Entrepreneur in the Houston Area

We’re so lucky to have some great guests with us today to discuss building a brand & being an entrepreneur in the Houston area and so much more.  The panelists are also content partners.  Content partners help Voyage in so many ways from sponsoring our mission, spreading the word about the work we do and collaborating with us on content like this.

Christine Galib | Author, Founder
 I work with startups, entrepreneurs, and investors and I am also an author.

Dominique McGee | Founder/ Director of Operations
 A bit of everything.

Kandice Cole | Directing Employee Experience for @narrative4
I facilitate experiences rooted in creativity and joy that lead to positive well-being.

Madison Hines | Visual Artist, Clothing Brand Owner, Podcast Host, Metaphysical Practitioner
The work I do is creative and inspiring to others.

Stuart Weingartner | Apartment Locating Service
I own an apartment-locating brokerage.

Alexandria | Food & Dinner Party Enthusiast
 I am a food writer and content creator.

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