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One of the most important benefits of a thriving small business ecosystem is the myriad of problems and niche issues that can be addressed with dedication and creativity that is almost impossible if the marketplace was only comprise of giant, corporate behemoths.

Our problem solvers series aims to highlight those incredible entrepreneurs and creatives who are solving important problems using their creativity and ingenuity.

Charmeka Augustine | Fused Hair & Extensions

Image credit: @babydollcxoxo

Problem: Looking at the overall issue of bad customer service and horrible communication in the salon industry. No one responds to texts or calls related to clients wanting to come in for appointments. Yet, they post on Instagram and Facebook consistently.

Solution: I wanted to change the whole dynamic of how ALL of our customers are treated. I answer EVERY call/text/email with urgency. Within 24 hours, any and every client is responded to in a timely manner. I set up consultations to fully get the idea of exactly what they want. I let them also know how valuable their time is with setting up EACH appointment with maximum time limit so they can still enjoy the rest of their day with ease.

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  • Instagram: @fused_hair
  • Facebook: @ Charmeka
  • Augustine Email:

Stephanie D McKenzie | The Firms” (The Relationship Firm and The Healing Firm)

Problem: Here at The Firms, we solve many problems. Though I am not a “business coach” in the traditional sense, my clients are often new and aspiring owners who are in need of healing to exceed their goals and create impact. This is what it means to be your own superhero, to take the energy you’ve used to fix, help and rescue and turn it into fuel for your dreams–in life, love or business.

Solution: We do this by empowering the overwhelmed and undervalued to heal from mental and spiritual blocks so they can show up powerfully, live abundantly and be their own superhero.

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Jessica Davis | Full Circle Healing Massage & Bodywork, LLC

Image credit: Jessica Davis

Problem: One problem that my business focuses on solving for clients is chronic pain from both injury or repetitive use. As well as limited range of motion and alleviate stress. And lastly, a problem that I aim to solve is receiving safe-r bodywork in the world of covid.

Solution: The solution that my business offers is massage & bodywork. I solve or at the very least, alleviate clients’ issues by using soft tissue manipulation. I mostly work manually with my hands and elbows but I also sometimes utilize massage cups and IASTM tools such as gua sha or graston tools. I also use a Theragun when requested. I tend to focus heavily on fascia. The pros of what my business offers is that it is less invasive than some treatments and can be an amazing self care maintenance. Good bodywork can help to prevent injuries as well as help with recovery if there is an injury. Massage can also aid in a really good night’s sleep after a session as well as simple relaxation for mental health. Touch can be very powerful in many areas of our healing. The cons are that you can definitely have good sessions sporadically but the consistency really makes a difference in the positive outcomes of bodywork and that can get costly but many places offer some kind of a discount for that commitment such as memberships & packages. And as far as my covid cautious set up, it includes PPE for myself, masking for clients, open windows with outward facing window fans for ventilation and two room air purifiers with HEPA filters. I am also vaccinated.

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Judith Richey

Image credit: Chelsea Williams Photography

Problem: Many ambitious, entrepreneurial women plateau in their careers and don’t know why. When they hit the wall on forward progress, finding just the right methodology to help them clear the blocks can be daunting and frustrating.

Solution: I have a unique 45 day coaching program, SOAR, that helps them discover, clear and release the issues causing them to plateau. This is without years of talk therapy, taking toxic meds or “wine-ing” with their friends. This approach is the right choice for women who are looking for deep personal development work that goes beyond reciting affirmations and changing their “mindset”. This isn’t for someone who is not willing to invest in themselves to up level their business, go to new ranks and create a 6 figure (or beyond) income

Learn more:

  • The best way to get in touch with me is to email me:

Brandi Garrett | Sweet Indulgences Beauty

Image credit: NA

Problem: There are many skin care products on the market that address skin care problems, but the solutions are not natural. Customers end up many times with larger skin care problems or a codependency to ingredients that are not natural.

Solution: Sweet Indulgences Beauty focuses on natural ingredients that provide solutions to common skin care concerns. We spend an ample amount of time researching and developing our products, and we do not cut corners with ingredients. Our customers and their skin is very important to us.

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iiiYansaje T. Muse | 222.9 The Mothership Radio

Problem: 222.9 The Mothership aims to help solve two main global problem: general unrest, and spiritual unclarity. General unrest is an issue with many variants that affect all walks of life, while music has always directly affected our vibrations. This is why 222.9 The Mothership is dedicated to be a place people can always tune into to hear good music in the forms of sleep meditation, ancient drums, traditional and smooth jazz, classic soul music, gospel and classic hip-hop. Good music feeds the soul, and 222.9 The Mothership is a positive space anyone can access at anytime, anywhere, to bring good energy in the midst of trying times.

Solution: Spiritually, I understand that positive energy is key for creating productive environments. Each song is carefully chosen to create playlists of inspiration as well as to provoke positive thought. Each program is designed to help people grow in spirit, which may be a con to those skeptical to the mystics. 222.9 The Mothership Radio is the ideal online radio station for people who love music in the genres listed, those who believe in sound healing through music, and those wanting to learn about the mysteries enough to hear them in regular rotation.

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Reggie Haynes | RHTV Network

Image credit: Carlos Navarro

Problem: The lack of consistent support of Black/Melenated Owned Businesses. The lack of positive and empowering Black/Melenated Television To Programs.

Solution: Our network solves the problem of promoting black/Melenated owned businesses. Along with this, we promote black/Melenated excellence through the mediums of entertainment on our “Hit – Television Show”, The House of Reggie’s Tv Show. We get classified in negative ways but we are not against any other groups as we don’t condone that at all. We are just doing what many others do not do but in our opinion should do.

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  • Email:

Melissa Rouswell & Ali Everhard | Women’s Council of Entrepreneurs

Image credit: Ian Everhard

Problem: Entrepreneurs start a business because they have a passion for something- a product or service that they can provide to others. The issue is that there are so many facets to running a business and it is hard for the beginning entrepreneur as well as established entrepreneurs to learn everything or stay on top of all they need to know for social media these days. They are overwhelmed and feel very alone in their journey as entrepreneurs.

Solution: That is where the Women’s Council of Entrepreneurs (WCE) comes in. We offer educational webinars each month on different business topics that they need to know such as how to improve your SEO ranking, how to create a business plan, how to advertise on Facebook, etc. We also offer networking chapters where they can get together with other women and connect and share their experiences. Our members are usually just beginning their entrepreneurial journey or are expanding and need to know more. They are looking to learn more, to network and promote their business with other women and to connect with people who are going through similiar journies.

Learn more: 

  • our website is and there is a list of all our networking chapters and our upcoming webinars. By becoming a free member, they can access our free resources and tips that we provide to help our members.
  • They are welcome to email us at if they have any questions!

Joanne Tang | Nails by Yen

Problem: Customers who would like to fix damage nails, enhance their beauty, or interested in a pampering session would visit our salon. We offer many services not just nails, just as massage and facial.

Solution: We help people feel relax and beautiful so our business is great for anyone, from kids to adults including men.

Learn more: 

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