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Meet Krystle Ceasar | Visual Artist

Today we’re excited to introduce you to Krystle Ceasar. Krystle is a Visual Artist and is also a content partner. Content partners help Voyage in so many ways from spreading the word about the work that we do, sponsoring our mission and collaborating with us on content like this. Check out our conversation with Krystle below.

Hi Krystle, thank you so much for sitting down with us again. For folks who might have missed our initial interview, can you start by briefly introducing yourself?
Hello! My name is Krystle Ceasar, and I am a multidisciplinary visual artist. I wholeheartedly enjoy the process of creation. As a versatile Creatress, I embrace the freedom to manifest my ideas in any medium I choose. I am a painter, portrait photographer, and brand designer. However, throughout this article, I will discuss my work as a painter.

What is the inspiration behind your art work?
My paintings are inspired by my spiritual journey, path to self-knowledge, and empowerment. About six years ago, I allowed myself the space to tap into my true inquisitive nature. I began to question everything related to existence, religion, purpose, and my connection to God. In the earlier part of my journey, I was introduced to the Law of Attraction and learned about manifestation, which has helped me actualize a lot of things into fruition. The Law of Attraction was a great catalyst to my journey. Today, I do not subscribe to any particular faith. However, I feel I very much connected to the Source/God/The All. As a derivative of Source, I’ve theorized that as I learn about myself and the world around me, I gain a stronger connection and walk in purpose. My work is a reflection of where I currently stand in my journey. At this point in my journey, I resonate with Numerology and Astrology. In 2019, I completed a Numerology series as I learned about the different vibrations of the numbers. In doing so, I learned more about my strengths and lessons for this lifetime. In 2020, I began my Zodiac paintings series, in which I have resumed after a hiatus. I have been inspired to learn more about myself through Astrology, and studying my birth chart.

What is the overall message you would like to convey to your viewers?
Self-knowledge is power. The deeper you dive into studying who you are at the core, the more empowered you will become. You will learn why you think the way you do, move the way you move, and love the way you love. You will also learn more about your triggers, and what those triggers are caused by. You will unlock the codes to navigate through your existence.

Explain the symbolism of the numbers embedded in your Numerology painting series.
“Esoteric numerology is the art and science of understanding the spiritual significance and orderly progression of all manifestation.” (Javane and Bunker, Numerology and The Divine Triangle,8) As part of the divinely curated Universe, numbers have different vibrations and meanings. My numerology series is my artistic interpretation of the personalities of numbers. Every number has perceived negative and positive characteristics. When someone is vibrating at their highest and walking in their purpose, their positive aspects are unveiled. Therefore, they are most capable at achieving their specific life goals. In this series, I have illustrated the distinct personalities of the numbers when vibrating at their highest potential. Number 1: The number 1 walks her own path without the burden of societal standards. She has the courage to be herself, and the passion to do what has yet to be done. With her discoveries, she paves the way for others. Duo (Number 2): The number 2 understands that we are here to work together. She values relationships with others, and embraces duality. Her compassion and empathetic nature draw others to partner with her. Number 3: The number 3 is creative, playful, and energetic. She enjoys the limitless possibilities that are offered to her on the physical plane. Her optimism and free-spirited nature are magnetic. Manifestation comes naturally to her. Number 4: The number 4 is the most grounded of all. She feels supported by the Earth. Her strong work ethic, discipline, and logic grants her stability. Number 5: The number 5 is boundless. She values freedom and welcomes change. Exploration, travel, and meeting different people keeps her fulfilled. Number 6: The number 6 is the nurturer. She feels responsible for helping others, and loves taking care of her family and community. Her generosity, compassion, and kindheartedness make a positive impact on society. Number 7: The number is intellectual, introspective, and spiritual. She seeks solitude, and thinks about the “Big Questions” regarding human existence. She is very analytical, and loves exploring topics related to philosophy and metaphysics. Number 8. The number 8 is ambitious, powerful, and wealthy. Her unwavering determination results in material success. She reaps the abundance from the hard work and dedication she sows. Number 9: The number 9 is the humanitarian. She donates her resources, wisdom, and time to help others become better versions of themselves. Since she has learned the lessons of the numbers that precede her, she has plenty of gems to share with others through teaching and healing. Master 11: The master number 11 enlightens the world. She inspires and motivates others to find their spiritual paths. The 11 has strong intuition and is very connected to the spirit realm. Insightful messages are channeled through her from spirit to deliver to others. She is a natural motivational speaker, visionary, and creative genius. Master 22: The master number 22 is the creator of the physical things that enhance our human experience. She has grandiose ideas, and knows how to acquire the talent and resources necessary to manifest her visions into the physical realm. She is the architect of things that impact the lives of large groups of people, such as revolutionary technology, inventions, educational institutions, and medical advancements.

How has your artwork changed since you first began painting?
My work now is very different from my earlier paintings. When I first began studying acrylics, I enjoyed the spontaneity of painting abstractly. Even then, the experience of painting felt like a spiritual practice. Painting is a very meditative experience. Once my spiritual awakening began, I felt the urge to create with intention. So, I began to paint representations of my journey in hopes of helping others. I feel my work has more value now because my paintings are intentional. However, I do foresee revisiting an intuitive painting practice for therapeutic purposes.

Can you explain the purple, galaxy nebula theme used throughout most of your pieces?
The nebula in my paintings are symbolic for the subject’s connection to the Universe or Higher Consciousness. Purple represents spirituality, and is also the color of the Crown chakra.

Why do you create? Do you believe art has a purpose in humanity?
I create to reconnect with my higher self, and to inspire others who may be on a similar path. Art definitely has a purpose in humanity, both on an individual and collective scale. Creating art allows an individual to connect with themselves by way of creative expression. It allows the artist to actualize their thoughts and emotions. On a collective scale, art inspires its viewers or listeners to tap into their intellect and emotions through their unique interpretations. Art is pertinent to the expansion of the collective consciousness.

Thank you so much again for sharing all of this with us. Before we go, can you share with our readers how they can connect with you, learn more or show support?
Connect with me on Instagram or TikTok @krystleceasar Show your support by sharing my work on social media, or purchase a print or original painting from my site at

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