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Meet Dr. Philip Cordova and Dr. Natalie Cordova | Chiropractors

Today we’re excited to introduce you to Philip Cordova. Philip is a Chiropractor and is also a content partner. Content partners help Voyage in so many ways from spreading the word about the work that we do, sponsoring our mission and collaborating with us on content like this. Check out our conversation with Philip and his team below.

So great to have you join us again. For folks who might have missed our earlier conversations with Philip, can you please take a minute to briefly introduce the practice?
I’m Dr. Philip Cordova and my wife, Dr. Natalie Cordova, and I own CORE Chiropractic. We have locations in the Galleria area and the Energy Corridor of West Houston. We’ve been in practice for more than 24 years and have been in the Houston area since 2000. Our offices see a lot of people that work on computers all day, so our practice has changed over the years to focus on chronic neck and back pain. Most people suffering with these problems are dealing with bad posture. That’s led us to focus on helping people improve their posture as a part of a long-term solution to fixing and avoiding this problem completely. Our office has personalized chiropractic care plans (we utilize measurements we take from x-ray to determine direction of our adjustments), spinal decompression, and PEMF therapy.

Catch us up, what’s changed at CORE Chiropractic since we interviewed you in 2017?
Our office continues to grow and we’ve added some new services. We added spinal decompression therapy, knee decompression therapy, and PEMF therapy. Each new service has allowed us to take even better care of our patients. Our goal is to help people get out of pain and improve their posture without drugs or surgery. Chiropractic care works great, but we wanted to do more.

What’s different about the spinal decompression you do in your office?
Spinal decompression has been around a long time in one form or another. It’s a way of putting traction on the spine to create space and more blood flow into the discs. Some of the decompression tables on the market take up a ton of space and require that the patient be strapped down. That can be scary for patients and would mean that only the worst possible cases would even consider trying it out. We wanted more patients to be able to utilize the therapy. We use the Back on Trac decompression chair, which is very comfortable and easy for patients to get in and out of. Patients are using this as a part of their routine chiropractic care, adding in spinal decompression to help maintain healthy blood flow to discs and avoid degenerative changes.

What is PEMF therapy? Who would benefit from that?
Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy was introduced to us a few years ago. The first machine we tried was painful, like receiving a shock. That wasn’t going to work for our patients so we didn’t add it to our services. The idea is that all of your cells have a charge to them, and they need a certain level to be healthy and pain-free. The PEMF machine works like a form of cellular exercise to charge up your cells like a battery. Once we discovered the machine we have now, we decided we wanted to be able to use it for ourselves. We were willing to buy one even if no other patient decided it was a good idea. Once patients started trying it out, we had to buy a second machine because we just got too busy with just one. Patients that are seeing the greatest results are those dealing with chronic pain conditions. Patients report sleeping better and a feeling like “they just got a massage” but it lasts longer.

How has COVID affected your office?
Chiropractic offices are considered an essential business. The first thing patients with a lot of back pain tend to do is go to the emergency room. During a time of pandemic, the goal is to keep people out of the emergency room. When things started to shut down, we slowed down a lot. Any new patients that came in were usually in a lot of pain and were grateful we were open. It’s been interesting wearing masks all day and all of the extra cleaning involved, but we’ve managed. Patients need to be sure they’re caring for their health, especially during a pandemic. The other difference is so many people now working from home. Once we got past the first couple of months, people were coming in with “working from home” problems. Using a laptop while in bed, on their couch, and at the dining room table has been wreaking havoc on necks and backs.

You’re writing a book? Tell us more about that.
So many patients ask us the exact same things over and over again about improving posture. They also tend to follow the same pattern when it comes to trying to improve their posture. They “try to remember” then they buy a posture support or gadget, and maybe they start working out. Finally, they give up. We’ve shared a lot of information online over the years, but want to help people make fast and lasting changes to their posture. We hope to have the book out in the next couple of months as a resource to fix bad posture. We’ll be going over how to sleep, what kind of mattress to buy, which posture gadgets are worth the money… but really it will be about helping our patients and the public improve their posture.

Alright, so before we go, how can our readers connect with you to learn more and show support?
We’re very active on our social media accounts, answering questions about posture, chiropractic, and about being a patient at CORE Chiropractic. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Even better, schedule a free consultation at our office so we can speak in person about your particular health issues. Our website is
Facebook: Instagram: @corechiropractic

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