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Rising Stars: Meet Rebecca Clark

Today we’d like to introduce you to Rebecca Clark

Hi Rebecca, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
On this journey called life, I am still learning yet intrigued by the process. Born and raised in St. Louis, MO I am a woman who has no problem with doing the work. I am a mother of 2 girls, with a background in Master of Arts in Communications, 10+ years working in Corporate America and became a small business owner 3 years ago; this chapter of my life is called resilient. Life has really challenged me over the past few years. Motherhood has been nothing but a learning experience, while building and creating a brand. Working in corporate America and climbing the corporate latter, has prepared me for my entrepreneur journey and the becoming of a business owner. To rewind a little, my ambition started as a child. I would walk around the house with a brief case and have conversations with my stuffed animals (just hoping they listened to me). My imagination as a child, led me to outlets of exploration and enjoying a childhood only I could explain, but I’m sure some kids can relate. In elementary school, I was not an avid reader, matter fact, I stuttered and did not feel comfortable with speaking in front of people. I literally took remedial reading in the 3rd grade and I hated reading. 30 years later, I am writing children’s books for kids to explore their imagination. Talk about calling and clarity. That calling has led me to be a TEDx St. Louis Speaker and WE Day Speaker, talking about the power of diverse literacy. In 2017 I went back to my childhood outlet and started to express my thoughts through writing. During this time, I became a self-published author and created a diverse literacy children’s book series called Witty Kids When Imagination Talks to You. My first book titled, “I Dream to Be” was published in 2017 and is based on my childhood dreams and aspirations. And in 2020, my second book was published “Austin’s Reading Adventures”, which is based on a young boy that goes on a reading adventure and explores new ideas. As a mother, my children inspire me to keep going and to share my creativity throughout the world, but my childhood played a huge part in the making of my writing. Opening up my passions to express my creativity through writing, has opened up my ability to connect with children and families. I enjoy sharing my creativity and expressing that through my books, but I also enjoy helping and encouraging women to believe in the possibilities that it can happen. My visions started with my childhood imagination, but with life, things happen and unexpected turns can cause delays and dreams to be shifted. At one point in my life, I reached a space where I could not see it all the way through. My vision was distorted, but I knew giving up was not an option. So here I am today, an entrepreneur, owner of Be Heard Publishing, the author and creator of Witty Kids, and an overall wellness advocate to believe in self. I do speaking engagements about empowerment, entrepreneurship and literacy. Just recently launched BEK, Be. Everything. Knowingly, which can be found at, a wellness brand that encourages self-discovery and healing through affirmations. This will be an upcoming BLOG, that will provide group mentoring for women, networking and self-care merchandise. I’m here to advocate for any woman that almost gave up and got stuck in everything that could go wrong. My goal is to be present and continue to do the work and to help as many families and women along the way.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
The road is never smooth. I have two children that watch me build a brand. My biggest challenge is balance. Being a parent, getting kids to soccer practice, track practice and violin recitals it’s never enough time to focus on my business goals. Finding time to work on my business was the biggest challenge. While I was writing the book, I would start working at 2 am or 2 pm to write out my business plans and goals. Running a business as a mother of two and just recently getting laid off from my corporate job of 10 years, I had to quickly adjust to the new beginning of being a full-time entrepreneur, while doing things on my own. My struggles of climbing the corporate ladder, while wanting to fulfill my ambitions, kept me up at night. I knew that I had something in me that was determine to share with the world.

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know about your work?
Be Heard Publishing, LLC, was established in 2017. I am the owner and the concept of this business was to create a space for creatives to be heard and stories to be shared. Witty Kids When Imagination Talks To You was established in 2017. I am the owner, the author and the creator. The concept of Witty Kids is to encourage imagination and creativity. My childhood imaginations created the opportunity for me to provide vivid stories to children and families that want to create a diverse library. I encourage creativity and to explore imaginations because we need all of our inputs to build and grow our future. I am most proud of connecting with people on various platforms, my book reaching homes and spaces I would have never imagined and being recognized as a creative influencer. I think I am known for a woman that decided to go for it! I am known for my children’s book, but I am wanting to be recognized as a creative and inspiration to connect with others. BEK. Be Everything Knowingly was established in 2021. I am the owner and lifestyle influencer. I will offer group mentoring, and host networking events for empowerment and encouragement to women of all ages. Since this is my newest brand, more information can be found at I encourage all women to subscribe on the website to stay tuned! What sets me apart is the creativity behind Witty Kids. When creating Witty Kids, I made sure to go back to my childhood and provide something my children would enjoy. I remembered the little girl that struggled with reading and I remember how writing was my outlet. I wanted to create material where kids can explore. I am writing books for the next generation of children and it touches my heart knowing they will create and invent the next big invention. Representation in books and my dedication to pushing my message contributes to building the next generation. I have 2 books published that can be found on Amazon and I sale books and additional merchandise that encourages literacy and writing. I also provide virtual reading services along with creative teachings.

If you had to, what characteristic of yours would you give the most credit to?
My resilience is the most important quality to my success. I reached a space in my life where I almost stop believing. I stopped seeing my visions. I let fear and the unknown into my thoughts. The ability to have a strong mindset and strong belief in self is the most important characteristic to have while being on this life journey.

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