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West Loop’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageHouston is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Houston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out West Loop’s rising stars below.

Angel George

I’ve always been a creative child and fashion was something that came naturally to me as I was always around my mother who was a fashion designer growing up. She would always encourage me to think outside of the box, be myself and to never conform to norms when it came to the way I expressed myself through clothes. When I was younger, I would sit with her at her workshop as her tailors would sew away, piecing together her new designs and often checking in with my mother for her approval. This inspired me a lot and as a kid, I was unknowingly soaking up all the knowledge and fashion-related terms that would come in handy in the future. Although I was always into fashion and dressing up, I did not realize that I actually wanted to be a fashion creator/designer because I would always doubt my potential and I thought it was best to leave designing to the professionals and fashion school attendees. Not until the covid pandemic hit, when everyone was required to quarantine, did I begin to take fashion design seriously. Read more>>

Kathryn Robinson

After leaving a Fortune 500 company as a district manager, I felt the need to put down roots in my local community. My family and friends who knew me best all told me that I needed to be in Real Estate, so I began my journey as an assistant to a team in Sugar Land. After having the ah-ha moments of “I can do this” and finding my Realtor voice through 2-3 open houses a weekend I was in an incredible groove that substantially changed my family’s life. Since 2012, under the umbrella of 3 incredible organizations, I have been able to help over 300 families find their way home. With the increase of demand of my time, I had to build out a team and in 2019 the Tailored Real Estate Group was born with Samantha Plomer by my side. The ride of growing a team with such an incredible demand of our time we were able to quickly double my production and create a brand worth knowing. Read more>>

Beatriz Cunha

My story began when I became a mom and decided to stop working. I was willing to find something that I could work with from home but I was not quite sure about what I could do. I was looking for a balanced life where I could be a mom and a professional at the same time. I graduated in Architecture, have a master’s in Interior Design and am passionate about creating new things. I knew that I would love to do something related to creation, but I didn’t know what. When my daughter’s first birthday came I had a really hard time finding interesting things to buy and decorate my house. I couldn’t find something unique and personal so I decided to handmade the decoration for her birthday party. Read more>>

Daneta Traylor

I begin my journey as a business owner in 2009. I have always been a natural at caring for other people so I decided to start a non-medical senior & children service called Someone Who Cares. We serviced Conroe & the surrounding areas for over 5 years. In 2013, I decided to relocated to Katy Tx where I opened & ran an in home daycare center for 1 year. When business began to slow down I decided to return to work and refocus my efforts in a new direction. Today I currently have an online store called Queen Enterprises & I have rebranded Someone Who Cares we currently offer life coaching & counseling services. Read more>>

Dan MacFarlane

My name is Dan MacFarlane and I’m a pro skateboarder from Southwest Houston. I have my own Signature Ramp that’s installed in skate parks across the world. It’s manufactured by the American Ramp Company, the largest skatepark builder in the world. It’s has appeared in many recent viral videos and video game. I’m mostly known for being a well-rounded skater who does original tricks and combos… I’ve invented a lot of them. Most importantly, I was born at Herman Hospital. I bought my first skateboard at the Westbury Sale at Butler Stadium when I was 5. I honed my skills in Southwest Houston and at the legendary Skate Park Of Houston, which was in north Houston. At age 13 I was sponsored on the Skate Park Of Houston team. I skated in and placed well in the last Shut Up And Skate contest at SPOH and later went on to pick up major sponsors in the mid 90’s. Read more>>

Toju Sunmola

I started my entrepreneurship journey when I was 7. I knew I loved everything design and arts, and eventually will own my business one day. I started gaining some experience at a tender age because my parents would bring me along to their businesses after school and on weekends. At age 10, I helped my mum and dad run their businesses. I used to be a sales associate, my duties were, collecting money, chatting with the customers, rearranging the shop to look presentable, etc. I believe that these experiences have helped me later in building my own business. Read more>>

Mishu Ullah

Henry Poured Mobile Bar was created out of my love for hosting parties and creating cocktails for family and friends. I got the idea of converting a horse trailer into a mobile bar because I wanted to bring the fun to any event and I wanted to take the stress away from the hosts so that they could enjoy the party as well. While completing my MBA at A&M I came up with this idea as my capstone project. As part of the project, my classmate and I basically had to draw up a business plan for the mobile bar business. After finishing the project, I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue starting up a mobile bar in Houston. I wanted to bring the planning to life!. Read more>>

Holden Brown

I’ve always been musically inclined as well as entrepreneurially minded. Growing up, I took piano lessons, picked up the guitar at the age of 12, and took both choir and music theory in high school. Going to school (2014-2019) in the smaller but growing market that Fort Worth provided Texas Christian University created a lot of opportunities for me to experiment with my interests and get early experience within the nightlife, events, and media industries. While the ability to maintain a rock band like the one I began in high school was. less practical, I quickly developed an interest in DJing through peers I looked up to at the time. If you DJed at a popular bar or college party, it instantly put you in front of hundreds of people with the responsibility of driving the energy of the night. I attacked every opportunity I had to be involved whether it was through photo/videography for businesses and events to network and save raise money for equipment, finding gigs through my growing resume of performance experience, or helping out the people putting on events. Read more>>

Khalidah Baruti

I’m a Memphis, TN native that moved to Houston, TX in 2016. My story could begin from different times in my life, but the most significant is when I had to cut dairy out of my diet. Becoming plant-based was something I’ve thought about often, but I didn’t know where or how to start. So after moving to Houston and dealing with severe cystic acne with no clue on how to improve it, things took a turn. I eventually took a leap of faith and met my esthetician who really helped me figure out the root of my acne troubles. She encouraged me to cut dairy completely out of my diet and monitor how my face reacts. To my surprise, eliminating dairy really did help my face clear and was subconsciously my start into a plant-based lifestyle. Giving up dairy was hard, but once I got into the habit and started being aware of the foods I eat it became easier with time. Read more>>

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