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West Loop’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageHouston is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Houston’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out West Loop’s rising stars below.

Derrick Dixon

I am a solo dad of three adopted boys, ages six, 11, and 19 years old. I started my non-profit, the 3d foundation in honor of my oldest son Kortez. I’ve had Kortez since he was five years old. He was at five years old abandoned by his mother, and his uncle took him in to care for him. Due to hardships of his own and lack of knowledge he lost custody of Kortez due to abuse. Read more>>

Raymond Coleman

I am originally from the Midwest. I have lived in Houston for about 13 to 14 years now. I am an avid roller skater which led me to create my own phone app called Sk8rz Konnect. I am also a DJ. I have been a DJ since 1997 doing everything from small parties to large cooperate events. I have always been a techy since I could remember, so I try to keep up with technology as much as possible. Read more>>

Michael Dangerfield

I grew up on the south side (South Park) of Houston as the youngest of six children. I went to Kelso Elementary, Attucks Middle, and Jesse H. Jones High School (Vanguard). I thank God and my siblings for helping me to not only survive but thrive while growing up in the hood; they really looked out for their little brother. Despite the many hardships we faced as a family, I maintained a positive outlook and excelled in school. Read more>>

Tyler Vasquez

I launched my brand “imminent.” this year on my birthday, April 1st. I’ve been building the foundation for imminent. since October of 2019. Back in October 2019 I had a brief stint working for someone who told me I should start a clothing brand to make some extra cash. He told me if I could come up with a brand in the next three days that he would purchase my 1st $100 worth of tee shirts. For the next 48 hours I gave that idea some thought. Read more>>

Blake Wise

I moved to here from San Diego, CA for bigger and better opportunities with my Medical Device sales job at Applied Medical. Even though I was born and raised just four hours north in Dallas I still didn’t know many people in this massive city and concrete jungle we call Houston. I had to find a way to meet people and the only way I knew how was through fitness and soccer. Read more>>

Mahbuba Matovu

It was 2013, and I had finally been accepted into the pharmacy program at Texas Southern University. It was only the first week and I remember sitting in a classroom after having my second panic attack of the day, wondering how I would push through the next four years with the level of stress I was feeling in that moment. I could not believe what I had gotten myself into. I had already invested three years of pre-pharmacy school, so it was too late to give up, plus my parents would be crushed. Read more>>

Molly Solich

My parent’s home was filled with treasures from my great great grandparents who built our family home, solidifying my love and appreciation for antiques. From a young age, I was cutting inspirational images from magazines and pinning them up to fill an entire wall in my bedroom. My career path began in the magazine and fine art industries in marketing and private events focused roles. Read more>>

Sahar Golafshan

I was always an art enthusiast. My dream was to have a career in the fashion industry. Aside from that, I have always loved photography as well! When I was a child, I used to grab my mom or my dad’s analog camera and take photos of people, or my city. I never had the chance to pursue art until I got my high school diploma, then I decided to learn photography. My parents didn’t want me to major in art or become a photographer. Read more>>

Imani Meeks

My name is Imani Meeks, and I am a 26-year-old Licensed Makeup Artist and Esthetician in Houston, Texas. I was born in Waterloo, IA, and although it is a small town, I’ve always had a love for makeup and working in the beauty industry. Growing up, I would watch my Mom do her makeup and I just thought it was the coolest thing! I remember begging her to let me wear makeup to school, so for me, that love has always been there. Read more>>

LaQuita Carter

My journey has been quite interesting and stretching most days. Although I’ve had a knack for masking it, what has truly gotten me to the place where I am now is deciding to do for others what I so desired for myself. I began to be that safety net, that friend, that supporter, encourager, that helper. Now my life was not void of these things, but I always had a guilt behind depending on the same people as if I were a burden. Read more>>

Qianwen (Coco) Ma and Kathleen (Kathy) Harcourt

My name is Qianwen Ma (usually go by Coco) and I am currently a Rice MBA student. My mom works in a hospital in Hangzhou, China. In the past three months, her hospital has treated thousands of COVID-19 patients. One day I got a text message from my mom that says “I went to work this morning but didn’t get a mask from the hospital because the hospital had run out of it.” Read more>>

Garrett DeLano and Bryson White

Bryson and I met and went to college together at the University of Houston College of Architecture. After sharing classes together and traveling on a study abroad program in Italy, we became very good friends. After graduation, we worked at separate commercial architecture firms until there was an opportunity for me (Garrett) to join Bryson at his firm, led by Marc Boucher. Read more>>

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